7 Security Tips for Smart Travelers

Travelling is a very exciting thing to do. Especially for people who travel internationally, there is always the excitement of seeing a new place and meeting new people. However, for all the excitement involved, many things can go wrong when you travel. Getting lost in the place, losing your passport, your house getting robbed, falling ill eating local food, losing your money or your cards are all just examples of things going horribly wrong on your most anticipated trip of the year. Here we give you seven tips to keep in mind before leaving your house and while travelling.

1. Pack Right

One of the most important documents while travelling is your passport. Make photocopies of your passport and all your debit and credit cards. Keep these copies away from the originals. Apart from your passport, carry completely different photo identification and write down the name of a contact person in case of any emergencies. Only carry your bank debit card and one other credit card. Leave all the other unnecessary cards and precious jewelry locked at home. Also, do not forget to contact your credit card company and inform them of your international travel plans. Some credit card companies freeze your card if they see weird transactions.

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2. Keep Friends And Relatives Involved

Always keep your friends and family members involved in your travel plans. First, leave a copy of your passport and your credit and debit cards with your family and friends in your hometown. Also, leave a copy of your complete itinerary with all your important family members and friends. Do not carry extra cash. Leave that and all valuable like jewelry at home. If you do not trust your neighborhood, leave all of these with a family member or a friend.

3. Medical Emergencies

Find out about all nearby emergency centers or hospitals near the hotel where you are living. Get an allergy test done so that you are aware of what to eat and what to avoid. Have a pre-medical checkup done so you can be aware of what problems you could face while travelling to a new place.

4. Drug Laws

Always be aware of drug laws when travelling to an international destination. What may be legal in your country can put you in trouble in another country. Be careful of what you carry along or what you purchase when you are abroad.

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5. While Travelling

Always take precautions during your travel. Carry as few bags as possible. Trust very few people around. Be aware of anyone trying to be over-friendly. Travel with a companion if possible. Keep your house keys and car keys on separate key chains. Avoid carrying car keys on your journey if possible. Avoid mentioning the name of the hotel where you will be staying when you are near strangers. Don’t be too flashy. Avoid wearing expensive watches or jewelry while travelling.

6. Airport Safety

Be careful of your baggage at airports. Never leave them unattended. Keep prescription medication in labeled containers to make it easier for customs clearance. Always carry your prescription with you in case any questions of the authenticity of the medication arrive. Carrying the prescription will also help in procuring medication abroad in case you run out of it or lose it.

7. Local Transport

Be careful of being fleeced by local cabs when abroad. Know the minimum fare and know the distance to your destination. This will help you keep a tab if the cab is taking too long to arrive at any particular destination. Always travel by licensed taxis and note down the number of the taxi before getting into it.

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