7 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are some of those people who are worth dating with. They may have unique characteristics because of the nature of their job. With that being said, what you used to do when dating a typical person may not work to those flight attendants. In relation to this, here are 7 things you should know before dating a flight attendant:

1. Flight Attendants are Calm in Nature

It is certainly because being calm in whatever situation is a requirement in their job. You can never find a flight attendant who got panicked when there is a little issue in the airplane’s engine. Moreover, flight attendants hardly panic even during compromising situations on land. In other words, you as the flight attendant’s date must be sensitive enough to feel what she or he is currently going through.

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2. Flight Attendants are Sleep Hungry

Being a flight attendant is not an easy job. You need to deal with longer working hours and meager time for relaxation. This is why they are hungry for sleep and de-stressing moments. Thus, it will be great if you will take him or her to a spa or any place where he or she can have some relaxation. This will certainly be plus points on your part. Right after having some relaxation, he or she will surely be very interested to open up a good conversation with you. And who knows, he or she might become your boyfriend or girlfriend because of such a clever and touching move.

3. They are Easy to Please Individuals

In some ways, flight attendants are not that intimidating to date with since they are not the type of people who require your great effort just to please them. They always appreciate even the smallest things that you will do. It is simply because they live each day as if it is their last day. They know how dangerous the nature of their job is, so they enjoy every moment of their lives. A simple, relaxing date where they can savor their favorite dishes will certainly do.

4. Flight Attendants are Very Hygienic

Whether they are in the air or in the land, their hygienic nature will always come out. In fact, you can always see them bringing some disinfectants with them, wherever they may go. They always wash their hands well. And when they are away from the water or faucet, they use bottled alcohol to wash their hands. So, as a flight attendant’s date, you should also be hygienic so that you can catch their attention.

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5. They are Naturally Caring

It is natural for them to care a lot to the people surrounding them since they always care about their passengers. It is very rare for them shouting to somebody, or trying to make a mess with someone. They are well-rounded individuals, and the nature of their jobs contributes a lot from it.

6. They are Conversant

Being conversant is one requirement of becoming a flight attendant. It is because when you are on a plane, you are obliged to talk to the passengers asking what they want to have or do they need something to make them more comfortable.

7. Flight Attendants Love to Eat

You can always find them hopping to one restaurant to another in order to try some new mouth watering recipes. It’s not that they don’t like their food on the plane. They just want to try new foods, which they cannot eat when they are on the plane. With this, it may be advantageous if you will take him or her to a cozy restaurant for a date, where she or he can eat sumptuous foods.

Dating a flight attendant is not that intimidating, as long as you are completely aware of their nature. It would be great if you keep these things in mind always.

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