8 Cases Where Politicians’ Children Involved in Crime and Broke the Law

Recently, Aditya Sachdeva, a 12th standard student, was shot dead by Rocky Kumar, who is the son of Maronama Devi (JDU’s MLA). He shot Aditya just because Aditya overtook his car. When he killed Aditya, Rocky was allegedly drunk. With this incident, it feels that the justice in India is no longer bigger than the spoiled children of politicians.

Let’s take a look on 8 other incidents where such politicians’ kids broke the law.

1. Manu Sharma a.k.a. Siddharth Vashisht

Manu Sharma

Manu Sharma’s father had been the former minister in Indian National Congress. He was accused for killing Jessica Lal, a Delhi-based model. He has got life imprisonment.

2. Vikas Yadav

He is the son of founder of National Transformation Party and former BJP MP, D.P. Yadav. He was charged for honor killings in 2002. He is sentenced for 30 years. Within the first 2 years of his imprisonment, he got the bail for recorded 66 times. Even after coming out, he was involved in several cases.

3. Nitesh Narayan Rane

Nitesh Narayan Rane

He is the son of former chief minister of Maharashtra, Narayan Rane. He was involved in “Attempt to Murder” in 2010. Thereafter in 2013, he was accused for vandalizing toll booth and assaulting some officers in Goa. He got a clean chit from the CBI for his 2010 case. Currently he is an MLA in Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha.

4. Sambiya Sohrab

He is the son of former MLA in RJD, Mohammad Sohrab. He is accused of crushing and killing Indian Air Force officer, Abhimanyu Gour with his Audi car, when Republic Day parade had been practiced in 23 January, 2016. Later on, he confessed to all of these allegations on himself.

5. Gaganjeet Singh Barnala

He is the son of Surjit Singh Barnala, Tamil Nadu Governor. He has been charged for raping the maid who worked at his home in 2006. He was arrested under IPC section 376. Later on, he got the clean chit in 2009. 

6. Debpriya Chatterjee

She is the niece of the member of Trinamool Congress and Kolkata’s Mayor, Shovana Chatterjee. She was charged with “drink and drive” and indecency with police officers in 2015. She was accused under Section 353 of Indian Penal Court but she was not arrested.

7. Amanmani Tripathi

He is the son of Amarmani, former Samajwadi Party minister. He was also involved in murder in 2007. He was accused of kidnapping of a businessman and extortion in 2014. In 2015, he reportedly killed his wife, Sarah. He was arrested and the case is still pending.

8. Naasir Haider

He is the son of a BSP leader in Bangalore, Sheikh Bahadur. He was accused of kidnapping and sexual harassment of a 22-year-old girl in the year 2014. He was arrested in 2014 but police was also accused of not working on it actively.

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