8 Gadgets to give your Photography a new height

Photography stands as a hobby for many of us, the expensive series professional cameras snatches away men’s first love ‘a  good photography equipment’. Don’t let your heart settle for less as the photography gadgets mentioned below will surely add more quality to your dream for a perfect moment captured.

8. Asus Zenfone-3 (Built for Photography)

Asus Zenfone-3 (Built for Photography)The new phone launched by Asus-a leading and trustable name offers a great deal for photographers, as the Zenfone-3 comes with 16MP powerful camera equipped with Pixel Master 3.0, added TriTech aut0-focus technology captures the moment with thrashing speed, faster than the blink of eyes, the speed is 0.03 seconds. The lens of camera will never lose its charm as it is protected with sapphire glass that provides scratch-proof security.

7. Smartphone Photo Printer

Smartphone Photo PrinterInstant Photo Printers attached to Smartphone is no amusement anymore with this cool gizmo. Just attach the funky gadget to your phone and download its app, rest is just technology magic. You can instantly print memorable moments and print it on the go for friends, videos can be printed too, that sounds awkward but the app scans the video print to watch the video unfold.

6. The Directional Microphone

The Directional MicrophoneSmart cameras in a phone can give you HD pictures and videos but the sound quality captures with smartphones doom all efforts and joy. Don’t worry anymore as the deluxe ferry windshield feature in the Directional Microphone records video with crystal clear sound clarity; bad weather, heavy winds will never come in between you and your dream video anymore.

5. Daylight Viewfinder

Daylight ViewfinderA perfect shot in natural sunlight results dark captures, the Daylight Viewers has a solution for it, it blocks natural lighting of the sun for a clear shot. This gadget offers added quality of focus, zoom and flash controls.

4. Waterproof Mobile Case

Waterproof Mobile CaseCreate your moments dipped in pools, take water selfies and show the world your scuba expertise with the new Waterproof Mobile Case, the secure Case offers water resistant quality to capture underwater moments with supreme clarity.

3. Removable Magnetic Lens Case

Removable Magnetic Lens CaseThe fancy looking Magnetic Lens Case offers different options for capturing a moment in different shades, no more need to classify filter after capturing an image, the case offers different filter options added with ranges of lens options. Choose the best amongst different color lenses and split image lenses for a perfect click.

2. Grip Tight Gorilla Pod

Grip Tight Gorilla PodTraveling with Selfie stick is ‘gone with the wind’, the new sensation in the market is flexible stands with a tripod. All you need is to attach the stand with Tripod and it will offer you best moments captured without any shaky picture or video. The Tripod doesn’t need any specific standing option as it can be attached to any surface.

1. 3-in-1 Detachable Mobile Lens series

3-in-1 Detachable Mobile Lens seriesYou can call yourself a professional mobile camera photographer with this cool lens kit, the collection of kit carrying 180-degree fisheye camera with macro lens and an option to disposal the camera at the required right focus. The Gadget will surely help you to enhance picture quality and photography skills.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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