8 Habits of Typical Indian Husbands

For most of the girls, not getting enough time and attention from their husbands is really an important problem and it’s just opposite for men. Men need some space and they love it also.  For wives, every little thing matters. For example, just leaving the toothpaste cap can make them annoyed. When women find some habits in their hubbies annoying and irritating, it goes the same for husbands as well.

Small customs of men can cause fury and distress to their wives. These little habits can replace their “so sweet honey” feeling with “how irresponsible he is”. If your husband don’t have one of these habits, you must be feeling lucky. If he is, sorry to say but your husband’s habits will totally relate to these habits.

1. Forgetting Wet Towel on the Bed

Forgetting Wet Towel on the BedIt is very common habit in typical Indian husbands. After a shower, instead of leaving their towel on the balcony, they take it to the bed and forget it there. No matter how awkward it looks to the guests or it wets the bed linen, they always ignore what their wife is saying. As a result, women end up putting the towel out.

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2. Eating All the Stuffs on the Bed and Sleeping in Same Mess

Husbands may not like your home-cooked food. But they really love snacking on the bed when they watch TV or after getting back from work. They never mind eating all the snacks on the bed and forget the eating etiquettes. They get engrossed and spill everything all around. They can be irritated when someone asks them to clean the bed sheets.

3. Wasting the Whole Weekend Sleeping without Taking a Bath

When Sunday comes in their life, husbands normally fall in deep love with their sleep and bed. In fact, they never leave it for a minute. They ask for breakfast, tea, lunch and dinner at the bed and sleep over there. They sit on it and stick with it. They need TV all day and they either want news or cricket. If you want to ruin your mood, ask them for a bath if you dare.

4. Snoring All Night and Yelling for Not Having Proper Sleep

Snoring All Night and Yelling for Not Having Proper SleepSnoring habits of husbands irritate their wives and they end up with not having proper sleep. Instead of saying sorry, they wake up in the morning and complain that they couldn’t sleep well whole night and you covered the whole bed and left no space for them.

5. Not Reaching the Dining Table

You thought that they married to you to eat delicious food with you when you cook. After few years of marriage, it becomes the matter of several years. Checking emails, watching TV and sorting the papers out just before dinner become their favorite pastime. When you call, they say “Just Coming” and dinner gets cold but it’s none of their business.

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6. They Don’t Shave on Weekend

You may’ve got married to a neat and clean and clean shaved guy. But later on, you realize that he don’t shave when weekend comes. Usually, guys feel very lazy on weekends and they don’t like to waste time on grooming just to look good because they have a wife already at home.

7. They Find a Quiet Corner to Read Newspaper and Smoke and Leave Others Outside

Smoking a butt and reading newspaper inside the Loo are the two important things all men love to do every morning. Due to some reasons, there is no quietest corner in your house than your bathroom. They get locked and disconnect from the world safely and do whatever they want. They smoke in the bathroom and spend half an hour smoking and leave the butt there. It is so much annoying for Indian wives.

8. They Never Take Care of their own Belongings

Indian husbands mostly love everything to be placed well but they never do it on themselves. They rely on their partners to do it. They never find their own stuffs in the morning. From their paste, toothbrush, shoes, shirts and socks, wives have to arrange everything for them. Even though they keep everything at same place, they never make any effort or remember to find them.

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