9 Bollywood Divas And Their Phobias!

Fear can be identified with odd and compelling apprehension state of a human being. Much the same as us and any ordinary individual, Bollywood celebs too have some irregular and interesting fears throughout their life and they are sufficiently intense to concede about this out in the open. How about we step ahead and check some fascinating phobias of the Bollywood divas.

Katrina Kaif- Tomatoes

Katrina KaifYou will hear the most irregular fear in this list. katrina can’t endure tomatoes anyplace close to her vicinity and she has even rejected a publicizing proposition of a ketchup brand. The tomato squash amusement in ZNMD made this fear develop most exceedingly awful.

Tanisha Mukherjee – Live Stage Performance

Tanisha battles a genuine live stage execution fear and she specifies this fear to be her shortcoming as of late.

Sonam Kapoor – Elevators

Sonam, the beautiful diva of Bollywood is afraid of elevators and she stays out of it maximum times.

Priyanka Chopra – Horses

They have look, influence, cash and impact. What they can’t battle and arrangement is with their own fears.  Priyanka Chopra is international star who is afraid of Horses.

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Celina Jaitley – Butterflies

Celina Jaitley The beautiful Celina is Afraid of Butterflies which is so weird who would get afraid of beautiful Butterflies but when it is phobia then you can’t avoid the fact.

Anushka Sharma – Riding Bikes

Anushka SharmaAnushka is petrified of riding bicycles and a considerable lot of the time shooting must be halted on the grounds that she loosed her clam, if he has to ride a bike.

Deepika Padukone – Snakes

Deepika PadukonePhobia from snake is one of the common as many people get afraid of snake. A snake before her will take this excellent diva mile away. Miss Padukone fear snake big time.

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Bipasha Basu – Her Own Laughter

Bipasha BasuYou won’t picture what this boldest identity of Bollywood fears. She has her very own strange fear giggling. She gets frightened more often than not when she laughs suddenly.

Now you know what makes your favorite star fearful so keep these things away from them. The phobias of the Bollywood divas have definitely given you giggles.

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