Amazing Facts of Whatsapp That Everybody Should Know

WhatsappToday, when we hear about mobile messaging, the first word come to our mind is Whatsapp. It is the most popular messaging application nowadays. The application was launched in 2009, and people show their huge affection for this application due to its facilities. It maintains the confidentiality of the messages. The whatsapp application is user friendly and a high speed message sending app. In the global ranking system whatsapp hold the 6th position in the consumer engagement. A survey result shows that more than 1 billion people get registered in the whatsapp. There are more than 800 million of active users in the world of whatsapp. Here, we are going to discuss about some mind-blowing facts of whatsapp:


  1. Whatsapp application is accessible from any mobile operating system such as, android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia and windows phones.
  2. Whatsapp is the as valuables as the other significant companies like, Harley Davidson and American Airlines, they cost around twelve to fourteen billion dollars around. NASA’s entire annual budget is around seventeen billion dollars which is less worthy than whatsapp application.
  3. The two people Brian Acton and Jan Koum are the founders of whatsapp. Both of them, rejected the job offer from Facebook and Twitter in 2009, and he started his own project, “whatsapp”.
  4. Before the concept of whatsapp came into their mind, they worked in the yahoo team from last 20 years. At the age of sixteen, Jan Koum supports his mother financially by cleaning floors. After some time he joined yahoo team.
  5. Whatsapp have only fifty five employees in their company, and out of them, thirty four are engineers. They did not put any hoarding in front of their office and thus they believe in simplicity.
  6. It is fastest messaging app among all because mobile work as server here. The data’s, contacts and messages are stored in the mobile, and not in the application. So, you get the full confidentiality along with the fastness.
  7. Whatsapp is the free application for their users. When the users are installing the application, it shows that it will take the annual charges but it’s automatically extends the expiry date for another year without any charges.
  8. Before it reaches at the users of one billion, the whatsapp application was managed by four people with the one man who was leading the team.
  9. Though the application is free for their users then also it does not involve any type of advertisement to generate revenue. This is the reason why whatsapp is so popular among the people. It provides their users a hassle free pure conversation with their loved ones.
  10. The members recorded that more than three hundred twenty millions of people are joined in whatsapp in daily basis.
  11. Whatsapp is the fifth most downloaded app on the android.
  12. Through whatsapp users share 500 million photos, and videos and voice notes. A survey result shows that 27% of selfies shared on social media through whatsapp. An average user sends more than 40 pictures, 7 videos and voice notes on whatsapp per month. Now you calculate the number what will be.
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Whatsapp is the most popular app on worldwide for its benefits and it is absolutely free for their users. It is very easily accessible and you just need to sign up to the application with your phone. It will automatically read your contacts and shows which friends of yours are using the whatsapp application. It does not shows any advertisement, so you can easily make a hassle free chat for your personal or commercial purpose. So what are you waiting for? Go and start the conversation by downloading the ‘Whatsapp’ application.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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