Watch Paintings Come To Life With This Amazing Technique

Everyone loves a good work of art. Some of the masterpieces include ‘The Monalisa’ and ‘Starry Starry Night’. While Van Gogh created a masterpiece with ‘Starry Starry Night’, a Turkish artist has done a modern take on this Van Gogh classic.

Water Painting

Van Gogh’s original was oil on canvas. A Turkish artist has taken this masterpiece to the next level with a technique called Erbu. Erbu is a simple technique that involves making a canvas using water and carrageenan, which is a substance used to thicken the liquid. This liquid supports the paint that can be applied by shaking droplets into it or by using a thin metal rod to apply it.

This Turkish artist has uploaded the video of this procedure from the start to finish. Almost a minute into the video, you will start feeling mesmerized by the painting created by the artist. Some would even call it an illusion.

As each shade of color is dropped delicately or added to the liquid canvas, you will be surprised at how well the paints are holding together without blending into each other. The technique of Erbu is truly something that brings art to life.

Mid way through the video, you can also see the artist moving the painting around and making space for new shapes and shades of color. As each drop of color is sprinkled on the liquid canvas, it takes your breath away and makes you want to reach out and stop the painting from moving for fear of it getting spoilt. However, not once during the video do you see any of the colors moving out of line or even merging with the other colors. The subtle use of hold is truly a touch of class.

Source: Garip Ay

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