Meet the Man Who Sang Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai

To Make Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai A Part Of Our Lives Is The Sound Of Amol Sahdev

Jungle jungle baat chali hai pta chala hai….. chaddi bahan k phool khila hai phool khila hai  is the line that makes us missing the 90’s show jungle book. Every Sunday morning ‘ ‘Jungle book’ was aired on the television.  The kids loved this cartoon so much that they did not leave any chance to see it. The cartoon’s title track is typical of that which they once it hears, it seems to hum it.

The memorable song was written by the famous writer Gulzar Sahab.  Recent, Hollywood film The Jungle Book ‘new version of the title track has been shared on social media by the producers, much appreciated by the people. Some people say that this song has re-vitalized their childhood!

Do you know who sang the title track of this cartoon aired on the televised in 90s? No matter if you do not remember. The memorable song was sung by Amol Sahdev, that he was just 10 years old. The song was composed by Vishal Bharadwaj.

sahdev Amol  is Now 33 years old and currently working with  Tata Communications Delhi as a Senior Manager . He is also the father of a child.

Amol explains in an interview with ScoopWhoop: ‘when I got the opportunity to sing the song I was just 10 years old and at the time I was a student of Mumbai’s Central School Koliwadha fourth grade. I am coming from the Family of musicians, but I never took the music as career. Amol says Alok sahdev my father was an IIT graduate, he has been training in classical music. In addition to music, tips recorded devotional songs. Vishal and Rekha Bhardwaj are our Family Friend. Vishal sir once heard me singing a song and decided to use my voice for the title track”

He also said that he was the lead singer and there were other four singers with him. We went to Tardeo (Mumbai) Beats studio and recorded the song in only one day. It was my first recording, so I was a little nervous at the beginning and I do not understand the lyrics, but then Gulzar sir and vishal sir started palying with us and that vanish all the fears. I still remember how I enjoyed my first playback singing experience.

Watch the Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai Jungle Book Title Song

A song made me the superstar of my school my school superstar was considered me as a special child. Although, he didn’t get much of recognition for that he says that that time there were no Social media platform available, otherwise we become very popular. Doordarshan once had taken his interview in the program “Subh-Savere”. But I do not have a recording of that show, nor is it available on Internet. I do not have any. I hope to talk to the channel.

Amol has done engineering and MBA from  K.K.G Somaiya Institute in Mumbai. Then moved to Delhi in 2007 and working as a senior manager in Tata Communication. Although the ‘Jungle Book’ track he also0 recorded Doordarshan’s television serial title song “chhotti si baat” and also the runner up of the show “Antrakshri’.

Currently he is only sing at private parties. He has recorded 35 songs, most of which are devotional songs.

Amol is blessed with loving family including his wife and a son.

The ‘Jungle Book’ ‘on the title trail Amol says that the new version when I first heard it on YouTube was nostalgia. A few days after the release of the title track many people send him friend request. At first I thought that my account has been hacked, but then found out that people want to know about the original singer and I are looking for on the Internet.  I always been every introvert but attention getting by people is quite nice and overwhelming.

Watch Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai | The Jungle Book Video Trailer

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