Android vs iPhone: 5 Benefits of Andriod Mobile Phone

The recently launched iPhone 7 has mixed up results from the technological freaks, listing the recent product with high price has seen many faces turn pale as they were dreaming of buying iPhone mobiles as an upgradation to Android phones. The list of Android phone advantage over iPhone users that may let them feel jealous being not able to utilize best of common advantages. Read the lead of Android users over iPhone users and feel proud to use an Android phone.

5. Google Assistant

Google AssistantMost of us have seen working capability of Apple’s Siri (Apple Assistant), Siri is no more an amusement facility provider as new Assistant software developed by Android will surely assist you with more grace. A fascinating feature of the Android Assistant is to offer more real and natural back-and-forth conversation. Apple’s Siri lacks originality as it more sounds like a robot on steroids. Better voice reorganization with commanding capability in different regional accents, Google Assistant fills Siri’s gap for Android users with better results.

4. Android offers more turnaround Customizations than iOS

Android offers more turnaround CustomizationsAndroid users with plenty of options in the Google Play store may change the launcher application. The great feature of customization offers total makeover of the apps icons, their looks, sliding options, and also exotic wallpapers options. Fancy Launchers, storage cleaners, and battery savers offer great set of benefits to the Android users, these added functioning units offers faster applications and smooth running as compared to Apple’s only inbuilt cleaning option. Apple users fall short of the feature have access to only change the wallpapers and can shuffle the icons on accordance of need and mood.

3. More Storage means more memory

More Storage means more memoryAlthough Apple offers its phone in bulky storage options but the luxurious phone lacks the possibility to enhance its memory for further uses, Apple users have to ensure only essential and favorite apps to sustainably utilize their internal memory. Offering stiff competition in terms of internal memory Android phones now comes in variants of 16 GB and 32 GB, added micro card slot option the memory of the phone can be increased with micro SD card utilization that acts as an external memory. No worrying for captions, heavy games, and movies is the Happy Android users.

2. Instant Apps

Instant AppsThe new trendsetter for the Android users is the Instant Apps, the series of these apps offer users to use apps without even downloading or install them as part of the new app in the family. Although the feature little bit outdated, but it acts a new stock of feature in Android’s fame. The feature act as a boon for digital payment platforms,  iOS, on the other hand, lacks any feature as Instant Apps.

1. Split Screen

Split ScreenMulti-Tasking human now a day’s want to equip mind with different tasks at the same time, Android platform streaming that quality offers split screen feature in many of its interfaces. The feature helps users to use two apps simultaneously, Google has recently committed to supporting it natively. The Split Screen dominates Apple’s same feature as it is must faster and doesn’t needs to select from the carousel of recent apps.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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