Cute Kid Hates Cranberries But Can’t Stop Eating Them

Who doesn’t like Cranberries? Apparently a toddler named Holden from Calgary, Canada doesn’t. A video uploaded on YouTube recently shows Holden expressing his displeasure towards the Cranberries kept in front of him.

Since Cranberries are an excellent source of dietary fiber, Vitamin C and manganese, Holden decided to taster cranberries for the first time recently. What happens next seemed to amuse everyone but Holden. Two year old Holden reaches into a glass full of cranberries and pops on into his mouth. He seems facial expressions seem to indicate that he hates the sour taste of it.

After seeing this reaction everyone around the table assumed that he would stop. However, cute little Holden reaches down and grabs another cranberry from the glass. He puts the next one in his mouth and seems ok after the first bite. But he can be seen cringing immediately after. He keeps forcing himself to eat the cranberries as if someone is forcing it on him.

You can see his mother wiping his hands and mouth after every struggle. It almost seems like she is preparing him for battle almost like a trainer preparing a boxer between rounds. When he pops the third cranberry in his mouth, his face seems like a cross between crying in pain and cringing at the sourness of the fruit.

When he tries to put the fourth cranberry in his mouth, he fails as it falls off. He tries finding it, however to no avail. One can see that Holden is in a cheerful mood moving his body after that. However, as soon as he puts the fifth cranberry in his mouth, he decides that it is enough and he takes out the cranberry before torturing himself any further.

First reaction of child

Baby with cranberries

2nd reaction of child

Baby with cranberries1

3rd reaction of child

Baby with cranberries2

4th reaction of child

Baby with cranberries3

5th reaction of child

Baby with cranberries4

And here is the video

Source: Ballet Variations

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