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Also known as Big Ben, Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger is born on March 2, 1982. He is a professional football quarterback playing for NBA Pittsburgh Steelers. He was drafted by Pittsburgh Steelers when he was playing at Miami University (Ohio) in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft.


He received his first Pro Bowl selection in the year 2007 and Offensive Rookie of the Year from AP NFL in 2004. He was the youngest winning quarterback of Super Bowl series in NFL. In only his second season, he led the Steelers to 21-10 victory in Super Bowl XL over the Seattle Seahawks when he was 23. Roethlisberger led the team to second Super Bowl title when they beat the Arizona Cardinals in four seasons in Super Bowl XLIII when he completed the game-changer touchdown pass in final 35 seconds to Santonio Holmes.

In NFL history, he has been among the most effective passers. He is among the 6 quarterbacks who have defeated around 31 of the existing NFL teams in NFL history. He plays outside the pocket in backyard football and he idolizes John Elway. He wears number 7 in the honor of Elway. You may also like this : Richest Sports Man in the World

Full Name: Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger

Date of Birth: 2nd March 82

Nationality:  Swiss

Marital status: Married

Occupation: Professional football quarterback

Net Worth: $70 Million

Height: 6′ 5″ (1.96 m)

Children: 3

Source of Income: Football, Endorsements

Hobbies: Golf, riding ATV

Professional Life 

Roethlisberger didn’t step in as the startup quarterback immediately for the Steelers. He was ranked No. 3 QB following Charlie Batch and Tommy Maddox. Roethlisberger moved up to 2nd position, replacing Batch because of his injury. Maddox won the season opener versus the Raiders and played against the Ravens. Due to the third-quarter injury to Maddox and an ineffective outing, Roethlisberger entered into the first NFL action. Steelers lost the game despite having a mild comeback. The injury of Maddox changed the game plan of Steelers for Roethlisberger. 


He went 13-0 on regular season as a rookie and a startup quarterback and Steelers became the first AFC team with 15 wins in a single regular season. He surpassed Mike Kruczek for the record and exceeded the mark for total wins. Roethlisberger led the Steelers on the biggest game and enjoyed 34-20 victoet over Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. 

Personal life 

Roethlisberger was born on 2nd March 82 in Lima, Ohio to Kenneth Todd “Ken” Roethlisberger and Ida Jane (née Foust). His father is a former quarterback and pitcher at Georgia Tech. He belongs to Swiss descent and his surname hails from Swiss origin and his roots are at Geissbuehl Lauperswil village, Switzerland. Carlee Roethlisberger, his sister participated in women’s basketball in the University of Oklahoma.

On July 2011, Roethlisberger married a New Castle based physician assistant, Ashley Harlen. On June 2012, he announced that they were expecting a son later in 2012 on his official Facebook page. His son, Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger, Jr. was born on 21st November, 2012. Baylee Marie Roethlisberger, their first daughter was born on 19th March, 2014.

He is a spokesman for Swiss Roots, a campaign which is engaged in assisting Swiss American to reconnect with their ancestral heritage.

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