Best Air Conditioner (AC) For Home Use with Price in India

Let’s get started to beat the heat this summer with top air conditioners for home use. These air conditioners offer a lot of benefits to the stats-loving persona along with power saving, affordable price range, anti bacterial protection and even more.

Videocon (Rs. 19990 to Rs. 42450)

VideoconIt is the Indian multinational brand having its share in around 17 countries. Headquartered in Mumbai, Videocon is definitely one of the leading consumer goods brands in the market. It is also one of the best air conditioner brands in India. It is offering widest range of air conditioners in window and split models. They come with energy saving technology to save on electricity bills. The sizes of air conditioners vary from 1 Ton to 1.5 Ton. Recently, Videocon has launched India’s first Wi-Fi AC in India.

O General (Rs. 21540 to Rs. 149,990)

O GeneralO General is another most popular air conditioner brand in India. It is the joint venture of Dubai based ETA-Ascon Star and Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu General. It has received a lot of 5-star ratings known for great performance by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. It provides split air conditioners apart from window based air conditioners. It has great support system for cooling and heating feature apart from inverter control. It provides VRF services and cassette cooling. It also has double swing, 4-way cooling, 3D cooling, quiet mode etc.

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Carrier (Rs. 20320 to Rs. 65000)

CarrierHere’s yet anot5her great entry in the list of best air conditioner brands. It has been a leading name when it comes to choose the best AC brands in India. It’s predominantly the part of US-based, United Technologies Corporation. Carrier has been the important choice for ACs in larger spaces. They are known for efficiency and long-lasting durability. It is known to manage higher loads than other ACs.

Sharp (Rs. 23499 to Rs. 54990)

SharpIt ranks 7th as the air conditioner manufacturer in the world. It adheres to its world-class offerings. It provides air conditioners ranging from 1 Ton to 2 Ton. It is offering unique combo of four indoor units that are attached to single unit. Indoor units are easy to mount and floor standing units are easy to place.

Daikin (Rs. 26000 to Rs. 83400)

DaikinIt is yet another world-class Japanese manufacturer of consumer goods. Daikin is ranked fifth as it is known for great performance in both cold and humid weather conditions. They are loaded with VRV IV features and they come in wall mounted or ceiling mounted models.

Blue Star (Rs. 14990 to Rs. 115,420)

Blue StarBlue Star is one of the leading air conditioner manufacturers. Since 1943, Blue Star has been offering air conditioners and refrigerators. It has been popular as India’s oldest appliance brand. The product catalog includes both split AC and window air conditioners for domestic use.

Hitachi (Rs. 19990 to Rs. 73500)

HitachiIt’s the living example of Japanese embellishment and efficiency. Hitachi is known for technical advancement and is one of the best when it was established in Tokyo, Japan since 1920. It has a lot of features for energy efficiency. It features LCD wireless remote, anti-fungus filter, cool mode, varied fan speed etc. It is ranging from 1 Ton to 2.5 Ton. It provides both window and split air conditioners.

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Samsung (Rs. 25830 to Rs. 177000)

SamsungSamsung is one of the leading names in Smartphone market. But it also has huge prominence in consumer goods. It has huge range of air conditioners giving peak performance orientation which is helpful to deliver something better than its counterparts. These air conditioners provide H1N1 protection with a lot of other features.

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