Best and Cheap VoIP Service Provider for Small Businesses

Business requires connectivity, and Voice over Internet Protocol could be a very helpful way of establishing a common communication gateway. Employees can keep in touch with the central management by an efficient connectivity protocol, but setting up one from the scratch will take loads of time, effort and unnecessary expenditure. VoIP providers do have different types of telephony setup because small business VoIP phones are quite common these days. These apps are based on hardware and software, computer integrated tools are in the very core parts and also small business apps for Android and iOS platforms as well.

VoIP Services for Small Businesses

Based on popularity and service rating, there has been several lists that ranks the business voip phone systems. The one we provide here isn’t really a ranking, but these following companies are in the top 3 of most selling brands.

1. Nextiva

All through 2015, Nextiva provided the best VoiP systems for small businesses no matter where in earth a business is located. One can buy the instruments for their business from anywhere in the world and set up an integrated individual telephony system. In terms of cost, Nextiva isn’t really a cheap VoIP provider but the price tags are just where they should be and no complain on the customer service either. If Nextive service doesn’t really satisfy you, a refund could be availed within 30 days of the signing up. Monthly contract for a month is $232.92 for 5 users, per additional user would be $46.58. Calls in United States would be unlimited, the payment is monthly. Upon user requirement, Voicemail-to-text service is activated upon request for a fee.

2. RingCentral

RingCentral is a great VoIP small business provider, however the price tag puts it in the premium side. Initially a free 30 day trial would be offered with all charge on RingCentral’s end and if the user wishes to continue the service further, they need to pay $298.63 per month for 5 employees and each additional user costs roughly $59.73 per month. However, the subscription requires fees worth a whole year (12 months) to be paid at the beginning. Online fax feature is available with digital signature. Currently, RingCentral only has iOS and Android apps for smartphone platform.

3. com offers various pricing ranges. For example, a company might purchase only one business VoIP phone within $10 to $15 per month pricing range or even less, depending on various technical factors that need to be discussed with the representative. For startups, a very cost effective pay as you go feature is available. For a 5 user per month service the cost would be $158.53 per month with and each additional user would cost $31.70. requires upfront payment of 12 months when signing up for a year, and in that case the monthly fee goes down to $145.34 per month for a 5 user setup. Smartphone platforms for are iOS, Android and Blackberry.


Pricing is important but quality service doesn’t really come for a very cheap price. These small business VoIP services are quite reasonably priced with honest service, and takes all your stress regarding a business telephony service.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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