Top 10 Best Anil Kapoor Movies (Young Forever)

Born on December 24, 1956, Anil Kapoor is a film actor and producer who has appearances in several Bollywood films and great contribution in TV series and Hollywood films. He served the film industry for around 40 years. He has won several awards, including 6 Filmfare Awards and 2 National Film Awards in different categories. He made his debut with Hamare Tumhare (1979) and had few minor roles in Shakti (1982) and Hum Paanch (1980). He started his career with lead role in Woh Saat Din (1983).

1. Woh 7 Din (1983)

He played a typical village boy who wants to be a musician. He falls in love with the daughter of his landlord and they decide to escape. But she is forced to marry someone else when her parents get to know about them. The story is based on how her husband decides to unite two lovers.

Woh 7 Din (1983)

2. Meri Jung (1985)

He plays a man who seeks revenge from an evil lawyer who traps his father in a murder case and he is found guilty and got death sentence. He was nominated for the Filmfare Awards in the Best Actor of the Year category.

Meri Jung (1985)

3. Tezaab (1988)

The story is based on Munna (Anil Kapoor) who was once a patriot and becomes low-profile “Mawali” because his parents were killed in a bank robbery. His girlfriend Mohini (Madhuri Dixit) is a dancer. It shows how he frees Mohini from the trap of her father and gets back to the right side of the law.

Tezaab (1988)


4. Mr. India (1987)

It is the story of a man who decides to help the poor and punishes the rich and wrong people using a scientific device which keeps him hidden from the human vision. He played the title role in the film.

Mr. India (1987)

5. Parinda (1989)

He plays Karan, a guy who realizes that his best friend was killed by a gangster for whom he was working. The film won two National Awards and six Filmfare Awards.

Parinda (1989)

6. Ram Lakhan (1989)

He plays Lakhan, who is aspiring to be a millionaire quickly. He is a fun-loving character who becomes a corrupt inspector. His typical “Tapori” dance number “My Name is Lakhan” and its signature dance step become most popular.

Ram Lakhan (1989)

7. Kishan Kanhaiya (1990)

He plays the double role of Kishan and Kanhaiya along with Shilpa Shirodkar and Madhuri Dixit. He plays the role of twins. One is too innocent to deal with his evil relatives and other is a badass who helps his brother to escape.

Kishan Kanhaiya (1990)


8. Taal (1990)

In this musical saga, Anil Kapoor redefines his image in industry. He plays the role of crooked musician in the film who helps Aishwarya Rai to become a famous dancer. He falls in love with her and decides to marry her. He helps her to come out from her tragic past. He begged the Filmfare award for best supporting actor and the film was a moderate success. But his performance was highly acclaimed by the critics.

Taal (1990)

9. Nayak (2001)

In this film, he is a journalist Shivaji Rao who gets the chance to interview Maharashtra CM (Amrish Puri). He creates uncertain questions during his interview and challenges him to become the CM for one day and feel the pressure. This political thriller shows how a responsible citizen can change the face of the nation.

Nayak (2001)

10. My Wife’s Murder (2003)

The film depicts the epic acting skills of Anil Kapoor in this film. It is one of the films produced by his production house. He plays a husband who kills his wife accidently on a household fight. Then he gets trapped in the long run.

My Wife’s Murder (2003)

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