Best Deo Brands for Women with Price in India

Hot summer is just arriving and it’s the best time to pick the best deo for daily use. Nobody likes someone smelling bad with sweats. Women who have sensitive underarm should go for quality and mild deo for direct use. There are several affordable deodorants available in the market. But you need to think twice before choosing one. If it’s your first time, don’t spray it underarm. First of all, have a smell test on your writ. Use it only when you feel comfortable. Always choose the best and most popular deo brand for women. If you are having skin irritation, stop using deodorants. It can cause skin darkening if you don’t stop. Here are the top 10 best and most popular deo brands for women which are healthy and skin friendly, and for long-lasting fragrance.


NiveaIt is an international brand known for producing cosmetics with quality supply for years. The products from Nivea are equally accepted all over the world. Currently, Nivea has huge network in around 50 countries. The products are reliable and well suited for both women and men. Nivea launched “Nivea Whitening Deo” in its special offering for women with dark underarms and several users suggest it can truly fix the issue of underarm darkening. The brand has introduced concept care ahead. Nivea deos are accepted widely and millions of Indian women are using it.

Popular Products

  • Nivea Roll On Deo – Rs. 165
  • Nivea Fresh Natural Deo with Ocean Extracts – Rs. 175
  • Nivea Energy Fresh Deo with Lemon Grass (48 Hours) – Rs. 175
  • Nivea Whitening Deo with Licorice Extracts – Rs. 179


DoveIt is the best and trusted deodorant brand. These products are skin friendly and don’t irritate your sensitive skin. They provide long-lasting fragrance all day long. Dove is the deodorant brand behind the concept of moisturizing. These products hydrate your skin and keep it healthy. Dove deos are best for teens, young girls and working women.

Popular Products

  • Dove Clear Touch – Rs. 170
  • Dove Deo Go & Fresh Touch Green and Cucumber – Rs. 150
  • Dove Deo Silk Dry – Rs. 170
  • Dove Go Fresh Energizing Lemongrass and Grapefruit – Rs. 170

Secret Temptation

Secret TemptationSecret Temptation is yet another widely accepted Deo brand in the country for women. The brand falls under McNroe Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. These deos are known to have attractive and long-lasting smell without causing skin irritation. Girls really love this deo. Another best thing is that these deos come with very low price. The products are ranging from just Rs. 85.


EvaEva is yet another popular Deo brand for women. These products are very affordable and you can also buy special mini deo packs for short term purpose. Mini Deo packs cost just Rs. 30.


Spinz It is another popular brand originated from spin bowling in World Cup Cricket in the year 1996. It is a well-known deo brand for women. It is offering lucrative array of deodorants designed with special care for your skin. These products are most used and loved by young girls and teens. The range is starting from Rs. 150.


AdidasIt is a hottest favorite sports product and cosmetic brand. It is also offering quality deodorants and perfumes for both men and women. The Adidas deo for women features lasting effects without having any harmful chemical and they are good to smell once you wear them. The range is starting from Rs. 175.


FaIt is a well-known brand for skin care and personal care products owned by Henkel. Fa is offering huge range of quality roll on deos for women. The starting price range is Rs. 150.

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