Top 10 Best Face Bleaching Cream Brands in India

Bleaches are known to be the easiest solution to get rid of unwanted hair. There are bleaching creams that reduce pigmentation, scars, and dark spots and give overall clear and fairer skin tone.  When it is used with care, bleaching products are safe to use. We use most of the money on beauty parlors for bleaching. Why spending thousands of rupees when you can bleach yourself at your living room.

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen


Though not affordable at all, Sally Hansen is truly a great product to use. It features effective natural extracts that blend well in your skin and make your skin look stunning and fair. It acts gently to give you better results.


VLCCVLCC is the topmost beauty care and personal care brand and it also has franchises of beauty salons in India. Insta Glow Bleach from this brand makes you skin look fairer, radiant, and healthy within few minutes. It contains gas flushing action which unclogs skin pores, and cleanses your skin.

Fem Oxybleach

Fem OxybleachIt is known to be the healthiest bleach in the world. It was the world’s first bleach which forms secured layer for super sensitive skin. It gives safe and enhanced bleaching to the skin. Within short time, it has become truly highly recommended and popular bleach brand from the beauty professionals and topmost parlors.

Jolen Crème Bleach

Jolen Crème BleachThis mild crème bleach is formulated well to cleanse your sensitive skin. It is enriched with Aloe Vera, burn-healing properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and scars and wound reducing properties. It is known to be the fastest and effective way to get smooth appearance and remove hair. There is no need to worry about in-grown hair and hair re-growth.


OxyGlowThis gold bleach cream is rich in lemon peel powder, glycerin, Timiron Karat Gold and Hydrogen Peroxide. This bleach cream bleaches facial hair and makes your skin look fairer and younger. It matches your skin tone well and reduces blemishes.

Olivia Herbal Bleach

Olivia Herbal Bleach

For sensitive skin, Olivia Herbal Bleach is the best choice. It is the first herbal bleach in India which has the goodness of Lime, Sandal, Turmeric and Aloe Vera. These natural ingredients bleach and nourish the skin and provide more benefits thanks to rejuvenating properties.

Joy Diamond Bleach

Joy Diamond BleachJoy Diamond Brightening Bleach contains Diamond ash which clears clogged skin pores. It exfoliates your skin and gives smooth skin. Joy is quite a fresh name in the market. But it is a proven skincare product which provides good value for money. The facial kit contains bleach, cleanser and polish cream. It contains sea salts and herbal extracts to get rid of all skin impurities to give a glowing and youthful face.


AstaberryAstaberry Diamond Bleach cream contains organic ingredients and it works really well on both women and men. The 300g bottle costs only Rs. 275 and this product is supposed to be effective on all types of skin. This facial bleach can be applied on your face once in a month. This bleach can remove the tan and granules to scrub the skin.


NutriglowIt is yet another great diamond bleaching cream to lighten your facial hair and rejuvenate dead skin cells from surface. It has Orange Oil, diamond dust, and hydrogen peroxide. It controls secretion of oil, works on dark patches and lightens skin pigmentation. It is used in lots of salons and beauty parlors and it is suitable for all skin types.


AlcosThis facial bleach suits both oily and normal skin. In fact both women and men can use this cream. It is best to bleach your feet and hands.

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