10 Best Free Educational Apps for Students

Technology is improving constantly and thus changing the way of education every day. There was a time when the education was only meant classroom education. However, ever since the smartphones have been introduced in the world various apps have emerged for learning purpose. These Education apps are constantly helping the students to improve the way of education and study. Today in the modern era learning apps have become very significant to cope up with the healthy competition. There are many such education apps available for Android, IOS or Windows smartphones that can help students and kids to stay ahead in the race.

Educational App

10. Vocabulary Builder

This is an app for all students starting from kids to college students. This is a real good app to strengthen the vocabulary of the students. This app is made by the Mangosh. There are top 1200 Vocabulary words that are considered important for the students and you can always quiz yourself on the same. This is a great educational app for students and they can be largely benefitted from the same. This is a free app for IOS and Android Platform.

Vocabulary Builder

9. PhotoMath

This is a great app for the math geeks. If you are stuck at a problem and spending hours, then PhotoMath will simply ask you to take a photo of it. It will then scan the problem and point the mistake. It can even answer your question. Even though it cannot answer the handwritten question but the textbook problems are an easy game. But do not expect this app to solve tough questions. However, simple fraction, linear, decimals and log equations can be easily handled by the app. It is a free app for the IOS, Android, and Windows.


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