Top 10 Best Speaker Brands in India

We can’t expect life without speakers. Best quality music and tracks cannot be heard without best audio equipments and speakers in our homes, clubs, theatres, cars, and computers. The demand for best speakers is increasing day by day. Everyone is looking for best quality speakers these days. From the basic ones to the most luxurious HD speakers, the cost of speakers varies. The market is loaded with brands offering speakers for people with various classes and lifestyles. Here are the leading speaker brands in India and the world.

10. Bose

The name speaks in itself. When it comes to best noise cancelling headsets, speakers, and automotive sound systems, the name “Bose” is enough. This American brand has dominated the audio market in the world for a good reason. Bose is well known for offering well-researched products.


9. Lenovo

It is one of the topmost and leading speaker brands in India. It also offers computer accessories, peripherals, desktops and laptops, along with high quality speakers. Starting from just Rs. 775, all the speakers from Lenovo are well housed and equipped with amazing specifications.


8. Dell

It is yet another renowned and celebrated name in India. Dell has also gained a lot of reputation for offering desktops and laptops and accessories like headsets and speakers. The speakers from Dell come with advanced and hi-tech features and they deliver great performance. Starting from Rs. 759 onwards, speakers come in wide ranges.

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7. JBL

It has been acknowledged and known as the topmost speaker brands across the country. The speakers from this brand are well known and recommended for its amazing style, convenience, cost efficiency and performance. Starting from Rs. 1498 onwards, the speakers from JBL are available with different options. You can choose from one of the best models.


6. Sony

The brand is the leader in offering top quality electronic goods to the people at best prices. It is known to provide latest and high tech speakers powered by advanced technology to the country. The brand has gained huge recognition and niche in the market not just in India, but also across the world. It has been offering widest range of products with great features. The speakers come with sleek and compact design and impressive performance and great sound quality. The price of the speakers is ranging from Rs. 1173.


5. Logitech

It is yet another popular brand which has been preferred and accessed in the Indian market. It has been offering great range of speakers. The speakers come with great features like rich sound, volume control, adjustable bass etc. The price of the speakers is ranging from Rs. 730.


4. iBall

It is one of the leading and best electronics goods brands in the country. It is known for offering unique all-wood speakers. It is popular for offering superior quality sound at very efficient prices. The prices are ranging from Rs. 670.


3. Philips

It is a renowned brand which is serving for years and is known as one of the most popular and oldest brands with huge range of electronics and electrical appliances. You can choose from wide range of speakers and each of them has great soundscape and specs. It has lots of varieties you can choose from. The price is ranging from Rs. 999.

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2. Envent

It is yet another leading and preferable brand of speakers in India. It has been engaged in delivery and manufacturing of IT peripherals and telecom accessories. It is offering premier and top quality speakers with great sound quality. The price of the speakers is starting from Rs. 2999.


1. Creative

It is yet another popular and well known speaker and electronics brand in India. It is the renowned and reputed player in the industry known for providing creative and most innovative sound blaster speakers and gaming handsets.


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