Top 10 Best Vikram Movies (South Indian Actors)

There are only a few actors in the industry who have ability to deliver masterpiece with each release. Vikram is one of the topmost actors in South. His films are totally different from one another and so are his looks and roles. He knows how to look different in each makeup. He changes his body according to the character he plays. Here are the top 10 best Vikram movies till date.

1. Pithamagan (IMDb – 8.3)

The movie stars Vikram and another great actor, Surya, in lead roles. He plays a graveyard caretaker who is an orphan. He conveys all the emotions really brilliantly without saying a single world throughout the movie. He won Best Actor title in National Film Awards 2003.


2. I (IMDb 8.2)

The movie was released in January 2015. He dons three different looks and completely stunned the audiences with his amazing performance. He pushed his body really very well to match the roles he played. He portrayed a super model, a Desi body builder and a hunchback man in one movie.


3. Sethu (IMDb – 8.1)

Vikram plays the lead role in this tragic love story and the character is suffering brain injury and his leading lady dies in the film. In Vikram’s career, the film was proved to be a breakthrough. He led the film won Best Tamil Film title at the National Film Awards 1999.



4. Deiva Thirumagal (IMDb 8.1)

It is really a masterpiece by Vikram. It portrays the emotional attachment and love between a father, who is mentally challenged (Vikram), and his daughter (Sara) who is motherless. Sara played her role really well and made the film a masterpiece. Amala Paul and Anushka played their role also.

Deiva Thirumagal

5. Anniyan (IMDb 8.1)

This thriller film truly shivers your spine down when you watch it. This film is based on a lawyer who is suffering from multiple personality disorder. He played three different roles and brings complete justice to his roles. He plays a character that never tolerates injustice to anyone and goes any limit to clean the system. Released in 2005, the film won 8 Filmfare awards.


6. Kasi (IMDb 8.1)

For the brilliant performance in the film, Vikram Won the Filmfare award for Best Actor category. The film was released in 2001 and he plays the role of a blind poet and singer. He rolled up his eyes so well to look blind and he looked totally a real blind poet.


7. Saamy (IMDb 7.3)

Released in 2003, Saamy is based on a DCP (Vikram) who puts his efforts to keep the city crime-free and he does everything. He also fights with underworld don who is a powerful politician. Trishna plays a young and innocent Brahmin girl who marries him.



8. Raavanan (IMDb 6.8)

This Maniratnam’s movie was failed to meet expectations of the fans. The film is based on Veeraiyya (Vikram), a bandit who kidnaps wife of police officer. The outstanding performance of Vikram covers the flaws of direction and screenplay. The film would have been an utter failure if there was no influential presence of Veeraiyya.


9. Dhool (IMDb 7.2)

It is yet another great entertainer by Vikram which also stars Reema Sen and Jyothika. Directed by Dhanraj, Dhool represents an ideal teamwork of actors like Sayaji Shinde, Vivek, Pasupathy and Telangana Sakunthala who played their roles very well. The action film hit the screens in 2003.


10. Gemini (IMDb 6.2)

When it comes to spend quality time with family in holidays, Gemini proved to be a great example. Released in 2002, Gemini also stars Nmitha and Brahmanandam along with Vikram.


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