“Bhaiya Woh Dikhana” A Fun Filled Video To Watch

The world is filled with crazy people and when it comes to shopping and marketing girls do get crazy like hell. No matter how fashionable and stylish a girl is but when it comes to shopping they know how to bargain and make everyone go mad. The video has show girls who are delight to see but when they start shopping they become real bad girls and make the shopkeeper go all crazy and keep saying “Bhaiya Woh Dikhana” even after shopkeeper have put everything in front of them.  It is one of the most hilarious video that one should watch and see a girl can make you crazy without any reason.

Bhaiya Woh Dikhana

credit: youtube.com

There are customers and there are customers, and after that there are young ladies, who are out to shop. Beginning off as a pleasure for the businessperson, they rapidly transform into their most exceedingly terrible bad dreams. They come, they have around their disposition and fits, recoil their noses to a few things, dribble over others, deal like damnation, and just won’t stop till every last item in the rack is not before them on the table. The most exceedingly bad part is that even after this commotion, they’d in many cases walk straight out of shop, without purchasing anything. Furnished with their most loved weapons store of dialog, ‘Bhaiya Woh Dikhana’, these young ladies are the Ninja Shoppers, out waiting to pounce.

When the two young and beautiful girls enter the shop, the shop keeper get really excited and happy but they both start the shopping, the shopkeeper get really frustrate as he is not able to handle their tantrums and the way both the sophisticated looking start to bargain in the most down market way possible. The whole video is fun to watch and you must check it out to have great laugh.

Bhaiya Woh Dikhana Video

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