Top 10 Biggest Bodybuilders in India of All Time 

In this post, we are going to list India’s top 10 bodybuilders in 2016. The bodybuilders are ranked at state level events. This top 10 list is based on their achievements in international competitions, conditioning and forms maintained all the year round and the position and ranking at National events.

10. Jagdish Lad

Jagdish Lad from Maharashtra is the silver medal winner in 90kg category at seventh WBPF World Physique and Bodybuilding Sports Championships 2015. Earlier, he was also the winner at Navi Mumbai Mahapour Shree 2015 on Feb 4, 2015. He is also the winner of Vijay Shree. He secures 10th position in this list because of these wins.

Jagdish Lad

9. Sunit Jadhav

He is a young and very promising bodybuilder from Mumbai. At the Maharashtra Shree 2015, he successfully defeated Sangram Chougule and he won overall title. Later on, he lost Mr. India title to Sangram. He makes it to 9th position due to his win.

Sunit Jadhav

8. Wasim Khan

He is yet another popular bodybuilder from Delhi who had a great year. He is the winner of two international events. First of all, he is the winner of overall IBFF World Championship 2015 title. Earlier, he won IBFF Pro Mr. Galaxy 2015 in Italy. He is at No. 8 because of his great performance.

Wasim Khan

7. Pavan Shetty

The Karnataka-based bodybuilder Pavan Shetty secured his first position at the World Amateur Body Building Association (WABBA) World Championship 2015.

Pavan Shetty

6. Vipin Peter

He is the winner at seventh WBPF World Physique and Bodybuilding Sports Championships 2015 where he won silver medal in 85kg category. He is from Indian Navy and he has great muscular body. He has a great potential and he gave peak performance to watch for.

Vipin Peter

5. Bobby Singh

Various bodybuilders come and go but Bobby Singh has given his best performance for which he begged silver medal at 7th WBPF World Physique and Bodybuilding Championships 2015. This bodybuilder from Indian Navy has consistently performed for several years.

Bobby Singh

4. Yatinder Singh

After suffering a serious injury, Yatinder Singh is finally making a comeback. He won Mr. Uttar Pradesh title this year. He got significant improvements over the years and he is at his peak. He secured second position at Talwalker Classique followed by Ram Niwas. He further moved ahead out of the leading bodybuilders in the competition, such as Bobby Singh, Vipin Peter, Murali Kumar, Jagdish Lad and others. Along with this event, he had successfully defeated Ram Niwas at Satish Sagar Classique. He secures fourth position in this list for his great performance.

Yatinder Singh

3. Ram Niwas

Ram Niwas works at Indian Railways. He makes it to third position in this list. His splendid performance led him to win two most important competitions in December – Satish Sagar Classique and Talwalkar Classique. He secured second position in Satish Sagar Classique. Later on, he was the winner of overall title in Talwalker Classique.

Ram Niwas

2. Prashant Sulunkhe

He secures second position as he successfully defeated Suhas Khamkar, 8-time champion, to lead Mr. India 2015 at Satara, Maharashtra. In the beginning of 2016, he was also the winner of Jerrai Classique 2016 and Mumbai Shree 2016. This way, he became the most undisputed Indian Bodybuilding champion.

 Prashant Sulunkhe

1. Sangram Chougule

He has been in great form in 2015. He successfully defeated the strong contenders like Vipin Peter and Murali Kumar and won the title of Mr. India 2015. Later on, he met an accident and hurt his shoulder. We are awaiting his comeback to secure his No. 1 spot once again. He is still considered to be the most undisputed bodybuilding champion, despite his injury.

Sangram Chougule

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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