Honda CB Shine

Among the inexpensive Honda motorbike segment available in India, Honda Shine’s price is remarkably low, it is very popular and from a renowned Japanese company. People looking for a commuter look for decent engine power with reasonable fuel efficiency for per liter of fuel used, and Honda CB Shine is perfect in all these aspects. Honda CB Shine has been made for that category of people who don’t really care about a striking outlook, but the motorbike they own needs to look good and the harmony between engine performance and mileage should always remain. The CB Shine has a mid-sized engine of 125 cc displacement, and that too come with the legacy Honda has grown up with throughout all these decades.


Honda CB Shine Design

As mentioned earlier, the Honda CB Shine design is more on the understated side – to cut cost on the fancy sides, also to reduce the body weight so that there’s less pressure on the engine to get this motorbike moving. Even after all these sacrifices, the Honda CB Shine is able to maintain a pretty decent appearance with flashing colors, and useful inclusion of protective body features like multi-reflector headlight housing, LED tail lamps etc. The headlights are basically 12V halogen lights that operate at 35 wattage, thus the output will be very bright yet the light housing and bulb will make it easier on the riders from the upcoming tracks. The turn signals are very subtly attached to the body and they seem to be fitting there very naturally.

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On the handle, in the mid segment there lies all the gauges – fuel, odometer, speedometer, low oil indicator etc. There’s no digital fuel gauge, it’s still an old school needle type. Since an elderly group of people are the target consumer for the Honda CB Shine, the company probably didn’t feel much use of including a digital fuel gauge which seems to be pretty justified to us.

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Honda CB Shine Engine Specifications

Honda CB ShineEngine on the Honda CB Shine belongs to the moderately powered smaller engine segment. The displacement on this engine is 125 cc. Maximum power the Honda CB Shine engine can pull off is 10 bhp at 7,500 rpm and the maximum torque output from this 125 cc engine is 11 Nm at 5,500 rpm. For an engine like this, the outputs seem very well adjusted.

There are 4 manual gears in the transmission system. Since this is not a scooter, hence there was no thought about putting an automatic instead of manual. 4 gears are just fine for decent riding around the city and highway riding; and won’t really ever feel like a shortage of transmission gears unless the rider pushes the bike through sports.

Honda CB Shine mileage is rated 65 kmpl. It uses a drum brake setup for stopping. 120 kg curb weight means the bike is pretty lightweight, evasive maneuvers will be very easy.

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Honda CB Shine Price

The ex-showroom price for the electronic starter included, drum brake and alloy wheels version is set at 59,680 rupees. This pricing is applicable for Mumbai showrooms, check your local retailer shop for the exact pricing at your region.

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If an inexpensive daily commuter bike is what you are looking for, you could try Honda CB Shine for sure.

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