Honda Navi

Price: Rs. 39,500

Honda Navi is a mid-range bike with a moderately powerful engine, low price and a stylish design. The outlook on the Honda Navi is so different, one might mistake the Navi with some two wheeler from a science fiction movie. Navi has smaller wheels, an interestingly designed under-bone chassis and comes in flashy colors. The Honda Navi’s target consumers are mostly very young people, between the age of 18 and 25. Honda Navi is a cross breed of a motorcycle and a scooters, at least in terms of the wheels size and ground clearance it is so. The engine capacity makes it more powerful than a scooter though. The youth has always loved unique stuff, and the Honda Navi is surely going to win the hearts of this specific consumer band.

Honda Navi

Engine: 110 cc

Mileage: Unrated, 70 kmpl approx.

Power: 8 bhp.

Honda Navi Design

Though the design language makes the Honda Navi looks like a motorcycle, it is actually a scooter. At least, the motorbike is being driven by a scooter engine – the exact same motor from the Honda Activa. Though the design of the under bone chassis makes this two wheeler look like a motorbike, the specifications make it a scooter – very tactfully done for the youth, because those who are in the initial phase of learning to ride a two wheeler might not want to go through the hassle of manual gear shifting.

Three body styles has been introduced for the Honda Navi with different colors. Navi Street, Navi Adenture and Navi Off-road are the available models, made in different ways so that they could fit the category as mentioned. The body is highly customizable – this aspect too is a perfect fit for the young people. The color schemes available in the market are red, white, black, green and orange. There aren’t any fancy taglines for these color schemes, they just go by their own names.

Apart from the youth, anyone who is looking for something new to try for a comparatively lower price range, the Honda Navi is the best two wheeler to try. Once you hit the road on a Honda Navi, few heads will surely turn.

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Honda Navi Specifications

Honda NaviOn the spec sheet, the power terrain and output looks very satisfactory. The engine is 110 cc, which is the exact same motor used in Honda Activa which is a full-fledged scooter. Using the same engine makes both these two wheelers fall in the same category, however Honda Navi’s design makes the only difference here. Maximum power output from the Honda Navi is 8 bhp at 7,000 rpm which is pretty good according to its size and price, and the maximu torque output figure is 5,500 rpm. The transmission is automatic in Honda Navi. Speed enthusiast riders may not be able to find the joy they are looking for, but riding the Navi is certainly a fun experience if one keeps the engine pick up facts aside. Even on automatic tranny, the engine’s performance is quite fast.

Both wheels have drum brakes, there’s no disk brace options – serves right for the price. The wheels aren’t alloy, but that too is alright because one can’t really expect all premium features on a motorbike which probably costs lesser than your premium flagship smartphone.

Curb weight on the body based on an under bone chassis is 101 kilograms. Fuel efficiency figures are unknown, and top speed the Navi can get is 81 kmph. The fuel tank is barely 4 liters, for city commuting it’s fine.

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Price for the Honda Navi was collected from Mumbai ex-showroom, could vary little in different regions. For a fun and exciting ride around the city, to and from your college or your first job would certainly be a fun experience on Honda Navi.

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