Blue host web hosting service providers

The basic features of free web hosting services

Are you looking for the free web hosting service then it is very important for you to know the basic features of the free web services. Looking for the free web hosting service is an imperative decision because identifying the reliable web host is really intimidating task especially when you are surrounded by many services providing options. This task is really very challenging, web hosting is really very important for any business it is a online marketing which gives more profit to any business. It is very important for you to select a reliable web hosting services for any purpose. There are many popular web hosting service providers who will provide promising services in web hosting. Blue host web hosting service providers are one the popular among web hosting service providers who can offer many attractive and reliable services. Here are few suggestions which will help you to find a best free web hosting services.

Disk space and the bandwidth

The disk space is the amount of storage space that is assigned for you by the free web hosting service provider. This is the space where you can store your website files, images, text and audio etc. the bandwidth refers to the traffic which is allowed to access and to leave your website.

  • Access refers to visitor visiting the website every time and leave refers to receiving something like newsletters, viewing the photos, downloading the files or listening to the audio clip etc, to the visitors from your website
  • If your website has lots of graphics then you require lots of storage space and the bandwidth.

Website creator and file transfer protocol (FTP)

  • If you are new to work with websites and if you have limited and no scripting experience then it is best for you to look for the free web hosting provider that offers the free website creating application, so that you can create your website simple by choosing the template and add your text and images.
  • The File Transfer Protocol helps you in transferring the website files from your computer to the free web hosting server or from server to your computer. Through this you can upload your finished website files from the computer to the server and it also help you to download the files from server to the computer.


The free web hosting service provider must provide you the email services so it is easy for you to setup our email accounts. Through this webmail interface you can login and manage your emails using the web browser.

Support and the uptime

You must always choose the free web hosting services with free email support and reliable telephone.  No web hosting provider will offer 100% guarantee in uptime, they must provide “just in case” measures to limit the website and the email downtime to the minimal.


This is really an interesting part if you are looking for the free web hosting provider then no need to pay money for all above listed features.

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