Bollywood’s Most Expensive Movie Costumes Ever

Bollywood has always given many big budgeted movies like Mughal-E-Azam, Devdas, and many such movies where the cost of Sets and costumes were huge.  There are some costumes that our stars have worn in some of the movies which are equal to the price of a luxury bungalow or a luxury car. Here we will provide you Bollywood celebs most expensive movie costumes of all time. These costumes are not even easy to carry because of the weight and celebs have to wear it for long shoots that really give them heard time. Once Madhuri Dixit said that the Lehenga she had in Devdas was so heavy that it was difficult for her to walk but she performed one of the best song in that costume.

Vivek Oberoi, Krrish 3

Vivek has worked particularly hard on his Krrish 3 look. While he plays a negative character in the film which Hrithik at first needed to play, Vivek has awed all with his abilities, including dad Roshan and Duggu (Hrithik). Vivek’s ensemble for Krrish 3 is maybe the most costly he’s ever worn and the most costly in the film. The metal outfit for Vivek’s look is substantial, measuring 28 kilos. The on-screen character likewise experienced serious difficulties in the searing warmth with his substantial metal ensemble on.

Shah Rukh Khan In “Ra. One”

Shah Rukh Khan In “Ra. One”The most costly dress of the Bollywood industry arrives. Indeed, even Ra.One was a one of the expensive flop movie however the expense of the dress which Shah Rukh wore was worth very nearly 4.5 crore and there were 20 ensembles. Yes, 4.5 crores each. On the off chance that summed up all, then the aggregate cost of all the 20 outfits was 90 crores.

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Sonakshi Sinha, Tevar

Sonakshi Sinha is one of the actors who look fabulous in Indian avatar. In Bollywood film “Tevar”, the song “Radha Nachegi” has gotten numerous hits on YouTube. In any case, the most amazing thing about this song is that the ensemble which Sonakshi was wearing in the song was worth 75 lakhs and the aggregate expense of song alone is almost 2.5 crores.

Salman Khan In “Veer

Salman Khan In “Veer”Salman is one of the most expensive stars of Bollywood and when it comes to costume then In Bollywood movie “Veer”, Salman Khan wore six costly dresses with a price of 20 lakhs each.

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Madhuri Dixit In Devdas

Madhuri Dixit In DevdasMadhuri Dixit wore numerous stunning and eye getting outfits in Bollywood film ‘Devdaas”. Each suit that she wore in the film was worth more than 15 lakhs each. It was accounted for that there were numerous valuable stones and costly weaving takes a shot at the dress. With heavy costumes, she also wore expensive and heavy jewelry.

Kareena Kapoor In Kamabakht Ishq

Kareena Kapoor In Kamabakht Ishq“Kambakkht Ishq” is one of the most expensive movie that feature many international stars as well but also one of the big flops. As per media reports, the expense of the dark ensemble that Kareena was wearing in the one of the song in the movie was worth 8 lakhs. Kareena Kapoor did look marvelous in the black dress but that even didn’t help movie to get some audience’s attention.

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Now you must appreciate the challenges these artist go through from rough conditions to heavy costumes. Celebs most expensive movie costumes of all time give them real hard time.

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