CIA Left Hazardous Material In The Himalayas

CIA Has Left The Plutonium 50 Years Ago In Nanda Devi, Which Is Still At Risk For Indians

The story began beneath the Himalayas during the Cold War. America wanted to stop the growing influence of communist. China’s missile program was becoming difficult for them. To catch and listen to the signal of China’s missiles the US used the Himalayan peak of Nanda Devi. These sound and single could only be heard from here. From here began the America’s a highly dangerous ‘Operation Hat’.

One book revealed the story

One book revealed the storyIn 2008 there was a book of Pete Takeda An Eye at the Top of the World. The book has been informed of the operation at the CIA. Indeed, CIA with the help of the world’s few climbers on peaks of Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot put nuclear-powered Listening Device. Listening Device plutonium used to run, which is a radioactive substance that releases Radiation.

25 thousand feet in the Himalayas, it was impossible that someone could take care of the receiver, but the batteries were to be changed frequently. So the CIA devised a way. Radioisotope Thermal Generator that was part of the US space missions and this generator was used to played the receiver. A team of 31 people has been prepared; Capt. S. Kohli’s the first Indian who climbed the Everest led the team.

What happened in the campaign?

What happened in the campaignOn October 18, 1965 Indian-American team reached the base camp of Nanda Devi with receiver, RTG and 238 sticks of plutonium, but the weather suddenly worsened. To get back these devices down was difficult. The team decided that they will tied them to a rock and later come back to complete the task. But later when team came to the same point, they didn’t find the devices there, where they left the devices. The rock on which the team has tied the radioactive devices was taken down with the whole rock ice.  These dangerous sticks of plutonium got buried in thousands of feet below the glacier. The CIA also tried to find it, but was unsuccessful.

Plutonium sticks Disappeared in the snow

Plutonium sticks Disappeared in the snowIn a book published in 2005 “One More Step” Kohli “says the team, led by the Rawat reached Nanda Kot in the summer of 1968 there is no device found. When digging a few feet, then found that there was a deep cave with hot generator. Generators had been melted by the heat of around 8 feet of snow. “According to Kohli, a dozen times from 1965 to 1968 people and mountaineers reach Nanda Devi.

Explanation by Government

Explanation by GovernmentCIA officials to hide their mistake considered Pete Takeda’s book nothing more than science fiction. IB CIA and India’s joint spying campaign ‘Operation Hat’ and missing of dangerous plutonium came in the international news media. After the report published in the American magazine Outside the case got attention. Heavy pressure on the then Prime Minister Morarji Desai forced to accept the in Parliament about the ‘Secret Mission” and he had also give a statement that there is no danger from the radiation. In the statement it is also said that if plutonium will not reach the people living nearby as it will get stuck in the mud water of Ganga River. Water will reduced by the impact of the radiation. But the government’s claims lacked on the hard evidence.

How dangerous is plutonium

575154743One Microgram of plutonium could kill a person. The radioactive material varies at all times. Experts also believe that nothing can be said about the impact of plutonium. We might never know the damaged caused by the fatal mistake of the CIA in the 60’s, because the secret of plutonium has been buried in layers of time.

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