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About Clayton Kershaw

Born on March 19, 1988, Clayton Edward Kershaw is a professional baseball pitcher in Major League Baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has played in several leagues since 2008 as a left-handed pitcher. With just 1000 innings pitched, the Earned Run Average is the lowest among the beginners. He is also the National League Most Valuable Player 2014 and Cy Young Award winner for three times. In the 2006 MLB Draft, he was drafted 7th overall. He worked his way through the farm system of Dodgers in one full season and he reached the majors when he was 20.

Clayton KershawIn 2008, he debuted as the MLB’s youngest player and he held this title for one year. He won the Triple Crown pitching and CY Young Award of National League in 2011 and became the youngest pitcher ever to accomplish one of these feats. On June 2014, he pitched no-hitter and became 22nd Dodger to do so. While playing for the Dodgers as a left-handed strikeout pitcher, he has occasionally been compared to Sandy Koufax, the Hall of Fame pitcher. He led MLB in ERA for 4 years. He and his wife are actively involved in philanthropic work.

Full Name: Clayton Edward Kershaw

Date of Birth: March 19, 1988

Nationality: American

Marital status:  Married

Occupation: Baseball Pitcher

Net Worth: $40 Million

Height: 1.91 m

Children: 1

Source of Income: Baseball

Hobbies: Golf, table tennis, football

Professional Life

On May 2008, Kershaw was added to active roster and his minor-league contract was acquired by the Dodgers. His debut was considered the most awaited beginning as a pitcher for Dodger since the debut of Hideo Nomo in 1995 season. On May 25, he played against St. Louis Cardinals. He faced Skip Schumaker, the first batter. He allowed two runs and pitched six innings. He was MLB’s youngest player and held this title for one year when he debuted.

Clayton KershawHe won the career’s first league game on June 27, 2008 against Washington Nationals.

On April 2009, he pitched 7 innings and managed to strike out 13 batters and let just one hit against San Francisco Giants. He was also the youngest Dodger to strike out up to 13 batters in the game after Sandy Koufax since 1955. Despite 8-8 record, he led important leagues to Cody Ross of Florida, making him one of the top 10 richest sportsman in the world.

Personal life

Kershaw attended school and grew up in Dallas, Texas with quarterback Matthew Stafford and fellow pitchers Shawn Tolleson and Jordan Walden. Will Clark, former first baseman for Texas Rangers, was one of his favorite players in childhood. He wears No. 22 to pay tribute to Clark. He is a great nephew of Clyde Tombaugh, an astronomer who discovered Pluto. Christopher George Kershaw was his father and a musician as well as a Clio Award winner. His mother, Marianne Tombaugh is the daughter of the younger brother of Clyde Tombaugh.  He has also been involved in humanitarian work. He is considered to be the richest sportsman in the world.

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