Content Marketing as a Bridge in Link building

Link building is a field in which only those can step in who are experienced with SEO and online marketing. One needs to be continuously updated with Google’s algorithmic changes and guidelines from webmaster. Links should be accepted from high quality site and not spam sites.

More the number of links for a specific keyword higher is the ranking. People have used links to manipulate the rankings. This has led to penalty for those sites who participate in link building schemes. Safe link building has now become a challenge. There is a high demand for quality content among the webmasters as it fetches more links. As content marketing and link building is treated as peas of same pod one can be used to promote other.

Some strategies are listed below which help in safe link building using content marketing.

  • Reach out to influencers: the bloggers, journalist or critics whose analysis can affect the buying decisions in the market are called influencers. They have the power to turn over the market. They can also uphold the post of brand promoters and can promote ones brand efficiently. These influencers not only become your new audience but also attract many visitors too. Celebrities prove to be best influencers as they have a lot of popularity in the social media. Take time to find these influencers and reach out to the person who fits the best for that particular brand.
  • Guest blog: in case people are thinking that guest blogging do not exist anymore, it’s completely false. Guest blogging still remains the best way to present a brand and to get noticed in the market and also link building. Google only blocks those spam sites who interferes in the link building process. To receive the best results it should be used properly, high quality content should be published on the top sites and relevant blogs. It is also important to build a relationship and leave comments on their blog. One can attach an older blog to the present one to build a link.
  • Snag an interview: industry interview is an innovative and effective way to boost ones content marketing campaign. It is advantageous as it helps build relationship with industry expert and expand ones business.
  • Expert roundup: an expert roundup posts and analysis always result in win-win situation. Additional exposure and link gain is another benefit which owner and influencer get. To build a relation with an industry expert one needs to build their website. It has to have a professional design, quality content and good relationship with the subject.
  • Create a useful guide: this is where all the visitors fish for. Quality content can attract a lot many users. A blog post including videos, graphs and other additional content can enhance the post. It represents the audience interest as well as struggle. There should be solution to those struggles. One should also look out for other guides and their content and try to eliminate those. One should aim to create a one-stop blog post.
Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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