Top 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds in India

India has long-back history of dangerous dog species. Dogs have been known for their dedication and sincerity and admired for loyalty. Historians and authors have admired Indian dog breeds for their courage and vigor. These are the dangerous, strong yet native dog breeds in India.

1. Himalayan Guard Dog (Indigenous Himalayan Mastiff)

As the name suggests, Himalayan Mastiffs are found in Himalayan region. They are loveable and calm by nature but cannot survive hot weather and cannot tolerate company of other dogs. A grown-up adult dog can tackle two wolves alone. They can be deadly if something goes wrong. Basically, they are calm and gentle.

Himalayan Guard Dog

2. Bully Kutta (Indian Mastiff)

They are the strongest and largest North Indian mastiffs. They are very rough-and-tough breed and bred to protect owners from intruding wild animals and for hunting. They are broad-headed, heavy boned, muscular and strong. They are protective, loyal and intelligent with aggressive fighting skills.

Bully Kutta

3. Sindh Mastiff (Alangu)

They are tall yet powerful. They are used basically for fighting or guarding because they have great guarding skills and sharp instincts. They are ferocious, aggressive yet loyal. If you don’t have experience on keeping dog at home, it is not suitable for you.

Sindh Mastiff (Alangu)

4. Pahari Leopard Hound (Indian GaddiKutta)

It is native to North India, especially in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. Initially they were bred for hunting. It is a multi-talented dog breed which is strong enough to avoid snow leopard attacks. They can easily herd stray goats and sheep back to the pens.

Indian GaddiKutta

5. Combai Dog

This ferocious working dog is found in Tamil Nadu. It was once used to hunt bison, boars and deer. Usually, it is red-brown or tan with ridge line and black mask along its back. Its jaws are very powerful and has broad and deep chest, and erect ears. They are very savage and active. They don’t like other animals and unknown dogs. They can fight intruders to death, whether animals or humans.

Combai Dog

6. Rampur Hound

It was used to hunt fox, deer, rabbits and jackal. It was once tested to show courage to hunt a golden jackal down. They may seem lazy but they have great stamina and running speed when things go extreme. Some hounds can run around 42 miles per hour. They can easily beat Indian wild dogs with cat-like balance and can walk on fences and ledges.

Rampur Hound

7. Rajapalayam

This tall dog has muscular, powerful and heavy body. It is used to hunt hare and wild boar. It is a hound and it must be kept in proper working condition. It is very devoted for its owner and it needs open spaces to live. They don’t like to be handled or touched by strangers. They are basically one-man dogs.


8. Kashmir Sheepdog

This indigenous Himalayan breed was bred to protect livestock from other animals by a Muslim group named Gujjars. They were bred to protect sheep and goats from bears and wolves. They are used as settlement protector and livestock protector. They are muscular, deep chested and agile. They have broad shoulders, straight backs and long legs. They have powerful necks, strong bones and large heads.

Kashmir Sheepdog

9. Wild Indian/Red Indian Dogs or Dholes

The Dholes have physique like the Australian border collies. They can hunt their prey which is around 10 times of their size. They can run up to 34 miles per hour. They are considered to be endangered species. They live in clans and they are very social animals.

Red Indian Dogs or Dholes

10. Kanni

It is indigenous and rare dog breed which descends from the Mudhol or Caravan hound and Saluki.


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