England’s Top 10 Richest Players in Cricket 2016

Cricket is one of the popular games being played by almost all countries of the world. It is a game that involves lots of passion. Cricket is a game which is been played by almost 120 million players worldwide. The cricket is played by two teams where each team have to ball and bat to score runs.

As the game has owned wide popularity, people have become a great fan of this cricket. Lots of money is spent on organizing the cricket and paying cricketers. As we know the cricket is a game that involves lots of money, the players have been getting the opportunity to make most of their earning. A large contribution to their income is done by the cricketer fans that undoubtedly make these cricketers rich.

By being a second famous sport in the world, crickets have gained worldwide wide recognizing. Due to its huge popularity and the love for this game, cricketers have been performing extremely well and secured their place in everyone’s heart. Their popularity and excellent performance has opened doors to earn huge money by playing the game and promoting the brands.

Due to their popularity and huge fans, now the companies have started hiring them to promote their brands and reach to every customer. May be a common man is not aware of the company product, but when their favourite cricket promotes a brand then this forces them to try the product. This has let a huge profit to the particular companies who have been using the crickets as their brand ambassadors.

Nowadays, the cricketers have got various sources to earn a large amount of money. Being in the world of cricket, who forgets the country who have give birth to the popular game Cricket.

England is known as the birthplace of Cricket. England Cricket team represents England and Wales in the International Cricket. From January 1st 1997, England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has been administering this team.

On 15th June 1909, Imperial Cricket Conference has been formed by the three countries England, Australia and South Africa. The two countries: England and Australia became the first two teams to play the first Test Match.

Till August 2015, England has played around 962 Test Matches by being winner in344 matched and losing 279 matches. Till now, England team has played 650 ODI’s and won 311 matches. They have successfully being the runner-up in three Cricket World Cups and two ICC Champions Trophy’s.

The cricket is a sport which make rich to all its associated cricketers. It is a sport known to serve with good cash to the players. Everyone wants to know what is their cricketer income? How much bank balance they have? Or how much is their net finance?

The following are the England’s top 10 richest players in Cricket Players:

01. Kevin Peterson

Kevin PetersonKevin Peter Petersen is an England cricket born in South Africa on 27th June 1980. He is currently playing for Twenty 20 and Surrey. The player is getting salary of 1 Million USD. The net worth of Kevin Peterson is $7.5 million excluding the IPL bonus.His basic salary is £700,000, Test match fee is £12000, ODI Fee £5000 and T20£ 2500.

02. Ian bell

Ian bellIan Ronald Bell was born on 11th April 1982. He is a right handed batsman and has right arm medium bowling style. This cricket plays international cricket for England cricket team and also County Cricket for Warwickshire County Cricket Club. He has been receiving retainer fee of£650,000, Test Fee of £12,000, ODI Fee of £5,000 and T20 fee of £2,500.

03. Alastair Cook

Alastair CookAliastair Cook was born on 25th December, 1984 in Glouster, England. Presently, is the captain of England Cricket Team? He is one of the highest paid England cricketers. Cook main source of income is cricket only. He is getting his salary by playing cricket and being a captain. His basic salary is 850,000, Captain Fees £300,000, Test Fees £12,000, ODI Fee £5000 and T20 Fee is £3500. His net worth is around $10 million.

04. Andrew Flintoff

Andrew FlintoffAndrew Flintoff was born on 6th December, 1977 in England. He is among the top international cricketer all rounder who have gained high popularity in the cricket world. His net worth is $15 million. He has majorly earned be being in cricket. Additionally, he has also worked in Television shows, endorses brands like Red Bull, Morrison, Audi,Jacamo, Puma and many other brands and book royalties.

05. James Anderson

James AndersonHe was born on 30th July 1982 in United Kingdom. He is a left handed batman and right arm fast medium bowling style. His basic salary is £650,000, Test Fees £12,000, ODI Fee £5000 and T20 Fee is £2500.

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06. Stuart Broad

Stuart BroadHe was born on 24th June 1986 in England. He is a left handed batman and have a bowling style of right arm. His basic salary is £650, 000, Test Fees £12,000, ODI Fee £5000 and T20 Fee is £2500.

07. Moeen Ali

Moeen AliHe was born on 18th June 1987 in England. He has a left handed batman and right arm bowling style. His basic salary is £650, 000, Test Fees £12,000, ODI Fee £5000 and T20 Fee is £2500.

08. Graeme Swann

Graeme SwannHe was born on 24th March 1979 in England. He is a right hand batman and has a right arm off break bowling style. His basic salary is £700,000, Test Fees £12,000, ODI Fee £5000 and T20 Fee is £3500.

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09. Jos Buttler

Jos ButtlerHe is an English cricketer and was born on 8th September 1990. He is a right handed batman who is a Vice Captain of England team and also plays a wicket keeper. His basic salary is £650, 000, Test Fees £12,000, ODI Fee £5000 and T20 Fee is £2500.

10. Eoin Morgan

Eoin MorganEoin Morgan was born on 10th September 1986 in Dublin. He is a left handed batsman with the right-arm medium bowling style. He played 21 ODI and 8 T20 matches. His fee includes Test matches fee£12000, ODI fee £5000 and T20£

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