10 Interesting Facts about Holi Festival

holiSpring season is here and the festival of colors, Holi is just around the corner. Being the most colorful festival, Holi is probably one of those festivals which are celebrated in all the 29 states in India. It is the festival of peace, unity, love and colors. People start celebrating Holi just from the night before the day of Holi. It is also known as Holi eve with bonfire. The festival of Holi is celebrated with colors. It is also one of those rare festivals celebrated by everyone, despite their religion. It is rightly known as the festival of love and colors.

1. When it comes to history behind Holi, there is just a different story. It is believed that the bluish skin color of Lord Krishna made him doubtful as whether Gopis and the beautiful Radha would like him. Rukmini, his mother, was worried about his ceaseless insecurity. Finally, she managed to convince him to cover her with any desired color. And Lord Krishna did the same. Since that day, the festival of Holi is celebrated as the festival of colors and love.

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2. This colorful festival has a rich history. It symbolizes the beginning of spring and passing of winter.

3. Everyone, especially children love this festival because they are allowed to get dirty that day. Parents are worried because of their obsession with hygiene, particularly when it comes to the safety of their children. But all the worries fly away when Holi approaches. They can use spray gun, drown one another in colors, and attack with water balloons.

4. In the world having a lot of religious fanatics, you would barely find any religious festival which is celebrated across the world. The festival cuts national and religious barriers. Colors melt away all the cultural, social and religious differences.

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5. Holi created a silver lining which promotes equality and brotherhood in a society which is full of untouchability for years.

6. Men also celebrate Holi in a funny way. They drench their partners in water and throw colors on them. Pouring water on the female is absurd all the year round but everything is fare in love and Holi.

7. Holi is celebrated all over the world. Just like Ayurveda and Yoga, Hinduism has also increased its approach all around the world with its principle of universal brotherhood and religious tolerance, and unassertive cultural values. People across the world accept it and celebrate the festival wholeheartedly.

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8. Holi is the day celebrated by youth in a unique way. You will see the crazy hordes of youth in bikes and cars driving on the streets with balloons and water guns full of colors looking for similar groups.

9. Holi has truly preached the sole principle – billions of people in different walks of life, all going to one God! Holi is celebrated when people from various religions and countries come out and rejoice.

10. Holi has enhanced its reach not just in Asia, but also the United States and several parts of Europe. In fact, Germany celebrates Holi as a grand open-air festival.

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