Facts About Indian Father That Will Amaze You

Could your family complete without your father? No, father is the ridge of a family. For a healthy upbringing of a child, you need both of them, father and mother. Father is cake and mother are crème and both compliment each other. Being a father a lot of responsibility he needs to hold. Along with all the responsibilities, he makes our day so special. Father is the best teacher in the world. Here we will discuss some qualities of father below:

Role model

Role modelEvery child wants to be like his father. The personality of the man always attracts his children affection towards him. Not only he loves them but also he will pass the knowledge and confidence. This is why; every child wants to be like their father.

Responsibility holder

Nowadays mothers are also working and managing the home as well. But as a spine of family, father always provide the security to his family. All the responsibilities are taken by the father to make his family happy. Many times he scarifies his needs to fulfill his children’s demands.

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Jar of Courage and Spirit

Father is the spirit holder of the family. Overlooking all the problems he provides the courage to defeat and spirit to move on. May the problem how big is, father is always there to protect his children from the danger.


A father is a person who never says ’no’ to his children. It might be love or money. He is always there to dedicate all his goods and chattels for his children. Whenever his children demand something in front of them, they try to fulfill children’s demands at the cost of any sacrifice.

Teaches us values

No school is able to teach us the proper moral values, or the values of life which our father gives us. He is the one person who is able to teach us all the values of life along with the school syllabus.

Hard working

Hard workingEvery Indian father is eager to work even over time to give the full comfort to his family. Every child should be inspired by their father that how to work hard and earn for his family. Fathers give their full effort for the establishment of their companies or the business. This hard working capacity they will channelize to their juniors.


Father’s are the person who remains calm in the situation of cyclone also. They are the persons who have the capability to hold a situation very peacefully. He knows how to scold his teenage boy who just started drinking or the little girl who punished for incomplete homework.


A father is a backbone of the family. He always shows his sincerity towards his family. Not in the bad times, also in good times, a family cannot stand without a father. He is the only person who has the ability to save his family from all hazards.

Girl’s first love and boy’s best friend

Girl’s first love and boy’s best friendA father is loved by all his children. There is always a special place for a father in a girl’s heart. Every girl from his toddler’s to elderliness shows the same affection towards his father. And fathers are also the person who loves their daughter unconditionally. Though people say, boys are mother’s preferred one, but then also boys are the doppelganger of their father. As their father stands, move or walk, they even try to follow. They always want to complete their father’s dream.

There are enormous adjectives are available to describe father. A man who is always there to support his family and child; who is the savior of his family and the hero for his children; is a father.

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