Facts About Indian Groom That Will Make Your Jaw-Drop

“Marriages are made in heaven”- probably this is the most common proverb for all middle aged teenagers who are thinking of getting hitched. Indian weddings are colorful, full of ceremonies and celebrations that continue for several days or even weeks. But what is the most important part of a wedding? Well, to not much of a surprise the most important thing of a wedding is the groom and the bride without any of the two there won’t be any wedding happening. So let us shortlist some of the qualities or facts that an Indian groom possess.

Kinds of Indian Grooms

Kinds of Indian GroomsThere are several types of Indian Grooms depending on their caste and religion. According to the Vedas there are following types of castes in Hindu mythology they are Brahmins, kshatriyas, Vaishyas. Shudras. So, Hindu grooms can be from any of this caste. There are other religions too in India such as Muslims, Sikhs, Jains and many more. In India, grooms can be a part of any of the above mentioned religion or caste.

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Where to seek an Indian Groom

The next question that comes to mind is that where one can find suitable matching partners. The question can be answered in different ways. Nowadays there are several websites that assures you with a perfect match for the bride. These websites have different categories in which they judge a groom and identifies the most suitable one according to your choices. There are many newspapers which publish a separate column with details of different grooms. Thus one gets a wide range of options before choosing the final one.

How a groom looks

Many driving factor plays a role in deciding how a groom looks. The first factor is his physique. A good physique is something that attracts women. So, Indian grooms are seen to have a well maintained physique. This is the reason why Indian men start growing their physique at the time they become eligible for marriage. Other factors that controls the look of a groom is their height, weight, etc. But since height is god gifted they do not have much on their hands whereas they can play with their weight in order to impress the girl of his life.

Clothing of a groom

Clothing of a groomAnother important thing that one needs to consider before becoming an eligible groom is about the wedding wear. This is the D day for a groom so looking the best is among the most important criteria. There are many outlets all over India that are specialized for Indian groom’s wear. One can select from a wide range of outfits and buy the most suited one.

A groom is a half planner

That’s exactly so true. A groom is half a wedding planner. Before the wedding day arrives the groom has to plan everything starting from his new home till his post marriage vacation. It’s all there in his small head. So, before the day arrives it is advisable the groom has settled and planned everything so that post marriage he is free from all sorts of tension and can happily enjoy his marriage days.

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How intellectual a Groom is

Girls don’t like dumb guys and when it comes to their partner then they obviously do not want a dumb partner. So, intellectuality as a core factor for becoming a suitable Indian groom. So guys, if you are planning to get married in near future then start sharpening you grey cells as soon as possible.

This article provides some of the facts that an Indian groom possess. There are other factors as well which one need to keep in mind if one is planning to become a groom soon. Just follow your heart and the rest will be taken care of by the one who has fixed it.

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