10 Interesting Facts about Karwa Chauth

For a married woman, Karwa Chauth is considered to be the most auspicious Hindu festival in India. It is usually observed before Diwali. A married woman doesn’t drink water and eat food to seek blessing for the prosperity, long life and health of her husband. These days, husbands also observe fast to show their love and affection for their wife.

Facts about Karwa Chauth

1. Festival has a lot of traditional rituals and customs which are supposed to change with time. It is the significance of Karwa Chauth due to which husbands are known as Gods for their wives.

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2. There are a lot of things which we still don’t know about Karwa Chauth. The married women observe fast from sunrise till the time when moon rises. After full moon, the festival is celebrated on 4th

3. The women worship Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and the moon and their blessings help their family and husband gain prosperity, well-being and good fortune.

4. The best part of this festival is that Sargi is given to the daughter-in-law by their mother-in-law that should be eaten before sun rises.

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5. To make their fast successful, women cannot eat or drink anything throughout the day. Though the fast is difficult, God helps those who do it with good intentions. Married women apply Mehendi that shows that they are married or ‘Suhagan’ on this auspicious occasion.

6. Married woman gets lots of gifts from mother-in-law that includes everything she needs for her beauty. Women worship Goddess Gauri on this day and the idol is crafted with cow dung.

7. On this day, married women sit across the idol having their Bayas. Next up, they put a pot of water. Karva is tied using red thread which includes aipun, kharia and a small roli. At the beginning, women drop a few drops of water over Goddess Gauri and apply Tilak.

8. Here, elderly women narrate the Karwa Chauth’s legend and pray for the good fortune of their husband. When the moon appears, they pray to the god and look at the moon through sieve and break the fast. Their loved husbands serve the first bite of food and first sip of water.

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9. It is believed that when Lord Yam came to take the soul of Satyavan, it was his wife Savitri who bagged Yam to grant her husband’s life. But Yam refused to do it. So, she stopped drinking and eating anything and followed Yam to bring her husband back. Savitri was also blessed with children. She was a devoted Pati-Vrata wife and she never wanted to let someone else to become her husband. Yama has no other option. So, he restored her husband’s life.

10. The belief in the rituals and fast for Karva Chauth dates back to pre-Mahabharata period. Draupati had also observed the fast. When Arjuna was at Nilgiri Mountain and other Pandavas had several problems, it was Draupati who called Lord Krishna for help. Lord Krishna advised her to observe Karva Chauth’s fast. She observed the fast according to the instructions and followed all the rituals. Pandavas conquered the problems due to her fast.

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