10 Interesting Facts about Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva was among the Trimurti, followed by the creator, Lord Brahma, and the preserver, Lord Vishnu. Shiva is the destroyer and called as “Devon ke Dev” and is regarded as fearless, limitless and the greatest of all three. Shiva has several forms that are terribly strong. He is one of the fiercest rages. Here are some of the unknown facts about him.Lord Shiva

The Birth of Lord Shiva

Despite being the most popular god in Hindu mythology, only a very few people know about his birth. Once upon a time, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma were debating who is the most powerful among them. All of a sudden, a huge pillar of light comes through the world and its branches and roots extended beyond sky and earth. Brahma is transformed into the goose and Vishnu was transformed into a wild boar looking for the end of the pillar. After 5000 years, both of them return without finding an end. Then, Lord Shiva rose from the opening in pillar. Hence, it is proven that Shiva is the most powerful as the third power ruling the universe.

A Creative God

Lord Shiva has broken all the traditional norms as a God. He applies cemetery’s ashes on the body, adorns tiger skin and a garland made of skull as well as a snake to accompany him around his neck. He also smokes weed and dances fiercely.

The Lord of Dance – Nataraja

Nataraja is really considered as a “Dance King” and an excellent dancer. He has a Damaru in his right hand that symbolizes creation and his dance showcases the destruction of the universe, known as Tandava.

Hanuman – The 11th Avatar of Shiva

Hanuman is yet another unique yet powerful god with cool attitude. Being his 11th incarnation, Lord Hanuman is praised for his epic devotion to Lord Rama, the avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Shiva – As the Neelkantha

In Samudra Manthan, the Asuras and Devas formed an alliance for sharing the immortality’s nectar after churning it out from the ocean. Shiva’s snake (Vasuki) was the churning rope and Mt. Mandara was the rod. But the whole ocean got churned and created Halahal that is so toxic that can affect the whole universe. Lord Shiva stepped in and drank all the poison and Parvati held his throat to keep the poison to spread. Hence, his throat turned blue and he is known as Neelkantha.

Story behind Ganesha

Parvati created the Elephant God, Lord Ganesha with the mud from her body. She added life to him. Shiva stopped by Lord Ganesha when he came home. He got furious and cut his head off. When Parvati vowed her anger, Shiva realized his folly.

Lord Shiva as Bhooteshwara

As discussed before, Shiva is truly unconventional. He applies ashes on the body from the cemetery. Bhooteshwara is the Lord of evils and ghosts.

Tryambaka Deva

The enlightened Lord Shiva is also known as “three eyed god” Tryambaka Deva because his third eye opens only when he is too angry and wants to destroy and kill.

The Ender of Death

The God of Death, Yama also came to take the life of Markandeya and fought Shiva and Shiva revived his life for the deal that Markandeya would be indestructible.

The Supporter of Gender Equality

Shiva is also depicted as half female and half male. He shows how the forms of male and female are inseparable. God is neither woman nor man. He is both. He treated Parvati equally and with respect.

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