A Dark Night After He Slept With His Girlfriend. A Story To Be Heard

Kabir’s Dark Confession

Nearly every girl is warned by their parents at least once in a lifetime about the risks of being unduly affected and harassed by men who are always looking out for such opportunities and trying to take advantage of the same. Nowhere are the parents wrong. With the increasing rate of rapes and criminal offences against women; women safety in India has become a very fragile and concerning issue. Only after the brutal Delhi Rape case of 16th December 2012, many laws have been formulated under the IPC ensuring protecting and safety measure for women. As a citizen of the nation; it is the responsibility of all the women to get an idea about all the laws and regulations formulated to help them.

First Night - A Short Film

Are men at the risk of safety?

While at times these laws are used for true cases; instances are also reported where women have taken unethical advantage of these laws and regulations. According to a recent survey conducted by the Delhi Commission of Women; nearly 53% of the rape cases reported in the year 2013-2014 have turned out fake and misleading. In majority of these cases; women have been found allegedly making false charges against their male friends. This situation has now aroused question upon the safety and security of men as well.

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That guy’s unheard voice and his story

Taking this concern as the theme; Travelling Cinema Shorts has carefully portrayed the story of Kabir who happens to meet a challenge from such a risky and morally wrong allegation by his girlfriend. From his deep rooted frightful confession comes out the voice questioning the truth. This voice has to be heard and judged so as to help the mass who encounter such problem now and then without being the actual guilt. Will anyone hear to Kabir’s voice? And what steps he shall take up to prove himself innocent; is all that the film has got in store for us.

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