10 Best Free Virtual Private Networks 2016

Now a day’s internet is required for various purposes and every one of us surf the net, personal safety and security is one in all the foremost necessary things at their heads. Let’s say, we all know higher than to create transactions via mobile devices or once connected to an unsecured public hotspot, or sometimes we will click on a suspicious-looking link.

For some individuals, they like to use VPN or a Free Virtual private Network. A VPN could be a technology that adds an additional layer of security whereas you browse the net. It creates safe tunnels that won’t be accessible by anyone however you. It additionally helps you cross boundaries or restrictions obligatory by authorities, permitting you to access content from anyplace within the world.

Hotspot Shield

5To protect your on-line privacy, you need Hotspot Shield, and enable you to bypass web censorship and access any web site or service. It secures your web sessions utilization HTTPS encoding and protects your personal data from hackers. Its malware protection and compression technologies will protect you from malicious websites and cut back the mobile data usage on your mobile devices to safeguard your interest.


6Spotflux supported by Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and it is also the world’s most advanced VPN that works on all devices. It protects and enhances your net affiliation, and enables you to use the net with total peace of mind. This performs a lot of cloud-based period of time calculations, encrypts and compresses your mobile internet traffic.


7Psiphon is supported on plat form like Windows, Android let you transcend borders. It gets you past the borders of your field, corporation or country, and permits you to safely access censored data and ideas in freedom-restricted countries. It’s a dodging and on-line security tool that uses VPN, SSH and protocol Proxy technologies for an entire, open and unrestricted access to the web.



Betternet is supported on plat form like Firefox, Chrome, iOS, Android, Windows and it help you to use internet with complete security. It’s a very free service that allows you to access any web site from any country. It permits you to surf the net anonymously while not leaving a trace and protects your data from malicious attacks.

CyberGhost VPN


CyberGhost is supported on plat form like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android  and CyberGhost VPN is one the foremost sure secure VPN service on-line. It’s straightforward to put in and provides you a secure and unrestricted browsing expertise. It offers top-notch security and not compromising your on-line privacy slowing down your connection.


10TunnelBear is supported on plat form like Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and that provides easy, private and free access to the world, unrestricted net. It offers five hundred MB of free information usage per month that’s enough for light browsing needs. It will even block scary trackers like ads, analytics, scripts, etc that might follow your move online.


11SurfEasy is supported on plat form like Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android. It unblocks the net and secures your web affiliation. It allows you to surf securely on any network with any device from any location, and permits you to relish any web site while not restrictions or censorship from any governing bodies


New PictureHide.me is supported on plat form like Windows, Android and it actually makes you anonymous on the online by hiding your identity or location on the web. It encrypts your activities to guard you additional from hackers and different malicious activists. You’ll be able to additionally watch world TV from anyplace within the world at the quickest potential speeds.


12FinchVPN is supported on plat form like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android. FinchVPN could be a feature packed and very reliable free VPN service. It offers a straightforward to use board and much of VPN servers at completely different locations within the world. It save no logs and claims to write everything.



proXPN is supported on plat form like Windows, Mac OS. It protects your on-line freedom and privacy. It secures your web association from being a victim of eavesdropping, and masks your identity and placement from hacks and alternative malicious attacks. it is one of the best VPN.


14ZenMate is supported on plat form like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, iOS, Android. It can Encrypts and secures your web association to guard your web privacy at the time of browsing. It leaves no likelihood of compromising your knowledge via techniques like chase, wiretapping, etc.


16ZPN is supported on plat form like Windows, iOS, Android. It is one of the most reliable and fast VPN service for everyone that encrypts your web association for safe transactions and on-line activities. You’ll with confidence connect with public Wi-Fi hotspots firmly without the worry of hackers and trackers.


17SecurityKISS is supported on plat form like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android. This VPN secures your web reference to its tunnels. It provides great security, ensures obscurity and bypass web restrictions display by your ISP or country. It provides free usage of three hundred MB per day that is adequate for moderate web usage


18Hideman VPN is supported on plat form like Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android. It provides anonymity and data encryption sessions and activities done on web. It offers free usage with affiliation and traffic restrictions, however is appropriate for moderate usage corresponding to browsing and easy downloading.


19ZenVPN is supported on plat form like Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android. It provides a secure and uncensored web – a quick and reasonable nonetheless secure access to the net. It offers an entire privacy resolution with no traceable history. It is also one of the best and free packages available where you can use 250 MB per day traffic usage.


20GetPrivate is supported on plat form like Windows. It makes certain that every one of your web connections undergo secure tunnels and superfast servers settled worldwide to supply a sleek and personal web expertise. It provides unlimited information measure for all of your net surfing.


21Hole is supported on plat form like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android. It is usual VPN, where you get peer-to-peer VPN very similar to alternative P2P networks. it is also a community-powered service wherever users facilitate one another to create content on the net accessible for all.


22Datho VPN is supported on plat form like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android. It helps you keep safe on-line and stop websites from pursuit you. It also protects your privacy by concealment your on-line traffic from potential attackers and unblocks restricted websites.


=23VPN Defender is supported on plat form like iOS, Android. It is one of the best VPN and provides an easy, secure and quick answer to safeguard your privacy and identity whereas on-line is difficult. It keeps you and your information safe from apparent online attackers and watchers.


24GoVPN is supported on plat form like Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android. It is famous and commonly used VPN service. It help you access web as per your preference. You can easily access contents, watch region-restricted videos or TV shows and check open restricted websites.

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