Gujarat Man Wants To Ban Pokémon

Pokémon Go might be creating waves all across the globe, however the game got on the wrong side of a Gujarat man who how wants to ban the game. He put in a request with the Gujarat government to appeal to ban Pokémon Go because it hurts religious sentiments of people. The man put forward his appeal stating that the game offers eggs that need to be collected from various locations including places of worship. He claims that this is something that is not acceptable and is insulting for all the people who worship those places and the Gods present there.

PokémonAlay Anil Dave has filed his appeal in court with the help of a lawyer. The Gujarat state government has 4 days to reply to his appeal of whether or not it will be taken forward. Anil’s lawyer stated that while the game is fun and encourages people to stay on the move, it also insults various religious groups by planting these eggs in places of worship. It is insulting to the Gods and also to the people who follow those religions. The eggs were spotted in Jain and Hindu temples across Gujarat.

The developer of Pokémon Go have made a statement saying that the game uses Google Maps to find the most popular places to plant these eggs. Since the temples come up on Google maps as most visited places in the state, the game automatically plants the eggs in those places.

The reason this was considered so insulting is because Jains are vegetarians and they claimed that through the game they were offered eggs at the place of their worship. This was hurtful and insulting and not acceptable. While a large number of Pokémon fans in India are against the ban, one needs to wait and watch what the Gujarat government has to say.

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