Honda CB Hornet 160R

Honda CB Hornet 160R is tough, manly, hard to break and of course, filled with young sensation. In the Indian motorbike industry, the Honda CB Hornet 160R has created much hype and also great competition for the local manufacturers of motorbike. The Honda CB Hornet 160R is a motorbike with a decent sized engine, much higher power output than expected and look and feel of a sports motorbike. There are two versions of the same motorbike, STD and CBS which basically implies the difference in braking system. CBS is a better and improved braking system and STD is the standard – everything else remains same on either versions.Honda CB Hornet 160R

Engine: 162.71 cc.

Power: 15.44 bhp.

Mileage: 60 kmpl.

Price: Rs. 84,469.

Honda CB Hornet Specifications

Honda CB Hornet 160R has a glorious engine specification sheet to be honest. Though the engine capacity isn’t much bigger, yet the power it holds is almost on the levels of sports bikes that have a larger engine, preferably beyond 200 cc.

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The engine displacement of Honda CB Hornet 160R is 162.71 cc. Maximum power output figure on the Honda CB Hornet 160R is 15.44 bhp at 8,500 rpm, and maximum power output goes up to 14.76 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The engine on the Honda CB Hornet 160R is much improved; efficiently cooled and environment friendly, leaves a very tiny amount of carbon footprint. The Honda SI on this motorbike is air-cooled, and 4-stroke.

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As expected the transmission on the Honda CB Hornet 160R is manual, and there are 5 gears. Having 6 gear would make the ride more sporty, however even 5 would do. Wet multi-plate clutch has been used to make the transmission smooth and very efficient, also hassle free at the same time. Honda CB Hornet 160R is much fuel efficient, the rated fuel efficiency is 60 kmpl in city and highway traffic combined. However, in practical scenarios the mileage has been found to be around 55 kmpl, goes higher depending on the riding style. Top speed on Honda CB Hornet 160R is 110 kmph.

To compensate for this high speed, both the brakes in Honda CB Hornet 160R are disc brakes. The front disc is 276 mm with triple-pot Nissin caliper, and the the rear one is 220 mm, single-pot Nissin caliper. These brakes are very efficient at very high speeds, and the heat absorbing capacity is on the safest possible sides.

Honda CB Hornet Design

Honda CB HornetHonda CB Hornet 160R has been developed from an early day Honda concept motorbike named CX-01; it hasn’t been long since that concept was developed. After showcasing at 2014 Auto Expo, Honda has taken prompt steps to develop the CB Hornet 160R into reality. It has muscular cowl in the front, with Honda’s signature wing design. Honda style headlights are placed in the middle of the handle, also the mid-ship design language on the exhaust makes the bike look unique in the category. The tail light placed in the rear end is x-shaped. Since this motorbike has been developed to be a sports bike, the wheels are much wider for better grip on the road. The instrument panel and all the gauges are fully digital.

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Honda CB Hornet Features

Honda CB Hornet 160R comes with all modern amenities that the youth would look for. Disc brakes, higher engine displacement with excellent numbers on the maximum power and torque output fields, digital console panel, fuel efficiency, fast and easier gear shifting – all these are the requirements by the youth of today. The Honda CB Hornet 160R comes in five color options to suit everyone’s mood – Sports Red, Neo Orange Metallic, Pearl Amazing White, Pearl Night Star Black and Pearl Siren Blue.

Honda CB Hornet Price

Ex-showroom price at Mumbai showroom is Rs. 84,469.


The young people will certainly love the Honda CB Hornet 160R. It is sporty, and safe at the same time; and the reasonable price makes the Honda CB Hornet 160R an affordable dream motorbike for all.

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