Honda Dream Neo

In the inexpensive motorbike segment of India, Honda Dream Neo truly is a shining star. Not many motorbikes have the ability to remain on the favorite list for a pretty long time, but when it comes to Honda, things work in pretty different ways. According to the online consumer reviews, more than 51% of the motorbike users in India have vouched for the highest rating for the Honda Dream Neo. Nearly 28% has voted 4 stars for this motorbike, and the rest have opted for lower ratings.

Honda Dream Neo Review

Engine: 110 cc.

Mileage: 84 kmpl.

Power: 8.25 bhp.

Price: Rs. 51,971.

Honda Dream Neo Specifications

Honda Dream Neo has a medium sized engine with displacement 110 cc. This motorbike has been designed to be a commuter within the city perimeters, and expected that people would not take it for regular highway commuting. 110 cc is a good engine capacity with excellent engine pick up and the top speed reaches up to 95-100 kmph, which could even allow this bike to be rode in highway conditions as well.

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Digging deeper, the power figures for this engine are – maximum power output is 8.25 bhp at 7,500 rpm and the maximum torque output for Honda Dream Neo is 8.63 Nm at 5,500 rpm. It’s a manual transmission based engine with 4-different speed levels. People with need for faster pick up at sports level might feel little understated, as the pickup won’t be as fast as that. Yet, the engine pickup serves the purpose of being a commuter bike and that’s what matter for the Honda Dream Neo.

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Curb weight on the motorbike is 105 kilograms. A lightweight motorbike allows for easy evasive maneuvering through the city traffic, and it’s similarly dangerous on highways as more speed and aerial obstacle is involved; a bike weighing only around 100 kilos would certainly face some risk. The fuel tank is capable of holding 8 liters of fuel. The whole body is based on a diamond frame which is quite sturdy and as it’s a Honda, it’s very well built.

The fuel efficiency is excellent, though. The official mileage rating for the Honda Dream Neo is 84 kmpl, which has been reported to be very slightly lesser than the official claim; never below 78 kmpl on a healthy engine.

Honda Dream Neo Design

Honda Dream NeoThe Honda Dream Neo looks pretty familiar to the Dream Neo if direct exteriors are taken into concern. Despite the similarity, there are certain distinguishable characters between these two motorbikes, not to mention the difference in spec sheet as well. The graphics are different on the Dream Neo than the Dream Yuga. Also, the basic tail section is kind of straight forward with bold approach and striking design on the Honda Dream Neo. There are decals on the fuel tank and the utility box. Two amber reflectors are placed on either sides of the front mudguard. The front scope bears the signature Honda style, pretty much everything else also resemble the Honda identity.

Currently, there are only two colors options available – black with red stripes and black with violet stripes.

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Honda Dream Neo Features

Honda’s Power of Dreams have been a popular saying since the beginning. Longevity, sturdiness and quality is the driving power of Honda Neo and there’s no sacrifice or loose ends when it comes to pure customer service. On an overall judgment, there’s no reason not to recommend the Honda Dream Neo when someone looks for an inexpensive yet superior motorbike for daily commuting; nothing fancy. The engine is quite capable of running all day through congested traffic and the design was made for maneuvering like a pro!

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Honda Dream Neo could certainly be the dream bike you had been looking for – with an excellent mileage and overall great looks for a very reasonable price.

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