Honda VFR1200F


Honda has introduced a newest addition to its VF and VFR series motorcycle, the new Honda VFR1200VF, which is the 7th generation of its kind. It is actually the only sport touring bike in the Indian market from Honda and probably, the priciest one.But even though it has a higher price, there are still many motorbike lovers who opt for it because of its high-performance and great build quality, not to mention its powerful engine.

Honda VFR1200F

Engine: 1,237cc

Mileage: 12kmpl

Power: 172bhp

Price: Rs. 18,85,725

Honda VFR1200F Specifications

The Honda VFR 1200F takes pride in its 4-stroke, 1,237cc liquid-cooled V4 engine that produces an output of 172bhp at 10,000rpm and maximum of 129Nm torque at 8,750rpm. A combined breaking system or C-ABS, a standard for these bikes and derived from CBR1000RR bikes, is just one of the many features it offers. Compared to its previous generations, anti-lock brakes or ABS are now made standard to this edition rather than being just an optional equipment. Additionally, the motorbike has an LCD/Analog trip computer that gives you a glimpse of your current kmpl, average kmpl, and some other useful information when driving.

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The bike features a 43mm front telescopic forks and rear shocks with pro-links that are gas-charged. Additionally, the bike also boasts a technology called throttle-by-wire, the manufacturer’s electronic method of throttle control. Its fuel capacity is 18.5L and has an overall fuel efficiency of 12kmpl. The VFR1200F also has safety features such as its powerful headlight, and its two 6-piston front calipers and 2-piston back calipers.

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The safety of the drivers of this motorbike can never be compromised of course. It is all thanks to its disc braking system assembled on its rear and front part. This braking system can surely help in minimizing your running speed when it is necessary. With that being said, there will surely be lesser road accidents that may unfortunately happen.

Honda VFR1200F Design

Honda VFR1200FWhat makes Honda VFR1200F distinct from the other motor bikes is its great aerodynamic exterior design, which is enhanced, having a dual layered fairing that draws heat away from the rider. It also has an X-shaped rounded front nose that enables the motorbike to maintain stability even at high speeds and increases turn in handling as well. Furthermore, to offer a sound level of comfort to its riders, its seat is made vacuum molded for an enjoyable ride.

When talking about color variations, you can only have two choices for this gorgeous and high-performance motorbike. You can be able to choose between candy prominence red and the seal silver metallic.

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Honda VFR1200F Features

The VFR 1200F is packed with some new technologies, having a dual clutch transmission (DCT) option, which is the first ever on a motorcycle, as one of them. The DCT allows shifting between its six-speed paddles in just a push of a button. The other transmission option is the usual sequential manual transmission. It still follows automotive practice, including two clutches and two shafts. One clutch operating the 1st, 3rd and 5th gears, while the other operating the 2nd, 4th, and 6th gears. The Honda VFR1200F offers two automatic riding modes, namely, D (regular riding) and S (sports mode) and M (manual operation) where gears can be shifted manually at the left-hand bar. You have to note that it has no clutch lever that you can pull.

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Although it comes with a whopping price, it is still worth buying with its exceptional design, and with the great riding and handling experience you can have. Add to that the new technologies incorporated to the bike to provide its rider a one hell of a ride.

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