Honda VT 1300CX

Within the entire India, one of the most unique motorbikes that are available for sale is the Honda VT 1300CX. Many people love driving this motorbike because of its unique, beautiful outside appearance. Its design alone can already separate it from the other bikes. When you try to visit numerous customer review sites, you will definitely know how great the number of people who are rooting for this motorcycle is.

Honda VT 1300CXWhat you can expect from this motorbike are amazing driving and riding experiences because of its high quality brakes and engine, not to mention its commendable performance. There’s no way people won’t love owning and driving it.

Engine: 1,312 cc

Mileage: 20 kmpl

Power: 57 bhp

Price: Rs. 15,06,976

Honda VT 1300CX Specifications

With the maximum power of 57 bph at 4,250 rpm that Honda VT 1300CX has, you can surely say that this motorbike is very powerful, making it perfect for those people who are looking for a powerful bike. It even has a maximum torque of 107 Nm at 2,250 rpm. Its engine is actually a dual cylinder type that has 104 mm stroke and 89 mm bore. In every cylinder, 3 valves are assembled. It also has 5 gearboxes, only that its gear type is manual. Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that VT 1300CX is powerful and high-performance enough.

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If you are very particular about the fuel consumption, then there is no need to worry since it has a mileage of 20 kmpl. Its tank can accommodate a maximum of 12 liters of fuel. With this, you can say that you do not need to go to a gasoline station every now and then since 12 liters can already run extra miles. As a matter of fact, its fuel efficiency range is around 260 km. One important thing to remember is it requires a petrol fuel for it to function and run.

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It may be heavier to drive however, since it has a kerb weight of 303 kilogram. This goes to show that you need to be strong enough to balance this motorbike while driving because of its incredible weight. It has a ground clearance of 126 mm and a seat height of 678 mm, so it will never be difficult to position yourself in this bike if you want to try driving it. For safety, VT 1300CX is made with a disc braking system to both front and rear part. Its wheels are made from high quality alloy materials. Furthermore, its tyres are tubeless and radial. For its price, it may be a bit pricy for you, but every penny you spend will be all worth it for sure.

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Honda VT 1300CX Design

Honda VT 1300CXThe moment you see the design of Honda VT 1300CX, you can surely say without any doubt that it has a premium design, making it the best premium bike to drive. The curves and lines in this bike are too beautiful and clean to ignore. Its long and slim fuel tank will even captivate you for sure. Its entire design is actually minimal, making it cleaner to watch when compared to others. Lastly, almost all of its parts have chrome finishing, making it more elegant to look at. But if you don’t like having a black motorbike, then it might be not meant for you since it’s only available in black color.

Honda VT 1300CX Features

What great feature of this motorbike is its fuel system that is a Programmed Fuel Injection.It has a shaft drive that is responsible in distributing the power towards the rear wheel of Honda VT 1300CX. Its engine can be started electrically, so you don’t have to exert more efforts in starting it. It has an analogue speedometer and even a digital fuel gauge.

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Honda VT 1300CX is definitely a motorbike that will never disappoint you. It may be higher in price, but everything will be all worth it and that’s for sure.

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