How can the service of Indian Railways be improved?

Indian railways are the lifeline of our nation and lot of people daily use this mode of transport for going from one place to another. The railway transport also plays an important role in the transport system of India as the growth of trade, business as well as the national market is mostly influenced by the improvement of railways.

Indian RailwaysHowever, there are so many shortages in the railway system of India that needs to be improved so that we can compete at the international level. This will not only increase the services but also satisfy the regular customers of railways. The below are some suggestions that can be applied in the Indian railway system to improve their services to some extent:

  • Hotels can be Constructed above the Platforms

A railways station ismainly built in the center of acity and the authoritiesdo not properlyexploit the valuable space over the platforms. If hotels are constructed over these platforms then it will become a good source of income to the railway system and it will also utilize the acres of land nearby the stations. The tourists will also be very beneficial from this as they will feel safer and convenient in such type of accommodations.

  • Multi-Transportation Choices

If multi-transportation choices are provided to the travelers or the tourists on the places like the airport, then it will also be very advantageous. People can directly use the train nearby the airport in order to reach their destination. This will also help in saving a lot of time and money of the travelers.

  • Information Channels or Outlets

When a person lands at a railway station in a new place, then the first step he takes is to find the information booth. However, this facility is not active in numerous cities so far. Such type of outlets provides valuable information and guidance to the travelers or the tourists so that they do not get cheated at the new place of the journey.

  • Install Solar Panels over the Railway Track

The tracks of the railways can be covered with solar panels whose power can be consumed by the electric engines of the trains. This will eradicate the requirement of storing or transferring the power for the long duration. It is one of the best alternatives that can be used for saving energy also.

  • Increase the Speed of Trains

The railway authorities must work on improving the speed of the trains that takes too many long hours in reaching few kilometers distance. A proper schedule should be made so that the trains do not get stuck in between the journey if any other train gets late also. The slow speed of the trains in Indian is one of the drawbacks that influence the whole railway system to the great extent. There are so many trains that are still running on the steam engines that support very slow speed. Hence, electric engines supported trains must be used more and more.

  • Availability of Wifi connectivity in all Trains

People are becoming more tech savvy so they want to get the facility of the internet in the trains also in order to have interrupted the flow of their work. By providing the Wifi connectivity, the Indian railway system can benefit a lot of people who can convert their long duration of journeys into the productive one.

  • Improvement of the Sanitary Conditions

The last section that needs improvement is the sanitary conditions of the trains. A proper hygienic toilets and hands washing facility must be provided to the travellers in the train. During the journey, proper check of the sanitary conditions must be done so that the traveller feels comfortable while travelling.

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