How Do I Stop Videos From Playing Automatically In My News Feed?

Are videos played on your news feed automatically after updating Facebook app? Here’s how you can stop this annoying process from auto-playing in updated app for iPad/iPhone.

Especially, when you are going to do something serious on your social media account, the Auto-play video sometimes annoys you. It is obvious that Facebook admin and your friends want to share some good content, but 10-minute long videos sometimes are annoying.  Even Instagram users are looking to disable the option of autoplay videos. Thankfully, this option has been removed by Instagram in subsequent updates.

Facebook has provided the option to disable the autoplay feature on iPad and iPhone. But after updating the app, this feature changes its location. Earlier, this feature could be disabled from Settings option. But there are few changes occurred in this process.

Disabling Autoplay Videos on Facebook for iPad/iPhone

1. Launch Facebook app

2. Tap on 3 horizontal lines at the bottom (More menu), then scroll down and go to Settings.

3. A menu will provide 3 options – News Feed Preferences, Account Settings and Activity Log.

4. Choose Account Settings. It will send you to Settings screen.

5. Go to Videos & Photos

6. Go to Autoplay option

7. Toggle the option of Smart Autoplay off.

Disabling Autoplay Videos on FacebookUnder Choose Your Autoplay Setting option, you will see 3 different options after doing the above action. It will show the options – Use Wi-Fi Online, Use Wi-Fi and Mobile Data and Never Play Automatically. You are free to choose any of these options to auto-play the video. You can choose either Never Play Videos Automatically or Wi-Fi only to save your mobile data in future.

Turning Off Autoplay Feature on Facebook for Web

Facebook has introduced the same feature on its web version too. Let’s have a look on the steps to turn off this Autoplay feature on the web. When compared to iPhone app, it is simple for web.

1. Open your Facebook Account on your PC

2. There is a down arrow on top right corner. Click on it and go to Settings.

3. Click on the last option on left navigation “Videos”

4. In Autoplay videos, click on Off.

Autoplay Feature on Facebook for WebThe reason behind why autoplay feature is introduced is not clear exactly. But the big blue company seems to introduce autoplay of video ads on it. It seems that they want to save our time by auto-playing video ads later. But when you have lots of videos to show on News Feed, it becomes annoying. In order to avoid this feature, some users have removed the app. You can access news feed without using the app.

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