How to Access Blocked Websites

There are several reasons authorities block access to bound websites. Some workplaces could block social media sites or access to your personal email. You would possibly experience blocks at your university, school or college. If you discover yourself during this state of affairs, and also looking for a workaround you’ll apply to beat this block, don’t worry, we’ve got nine ways that you’ll strive.

1We have listed nine strategies here you’ll strive, as a result of differing kinds of blocks need differing kinds of techniques to bypass. Do try every of them to discover one that works for your state of affairs. To check blocked site you require alternative ways to access blocked websites.

1. Accessing Via IP Instead of URL

Sometimes there are software block web site pages by its name or URL solely. For example: a block is also applied on computer however not on the IP of the web site.
You can get the IP from Terminal on OS X or prompt if you make use of Windows. Insert this and press Enter.

Copy the IP that’s shown within the results onto your browser’s address bar and open the site as was common.

2. Use A Proxy Site

There are several free net proxies that give services to browse the online anonymously. You’ll use them to access any blocked web site simply. Basically go the web site and enter the URL you want to browse.

2How will this work? After you browse a website employing a proxy site, you’re not really connected to that web site. You’re connected to the proxy server, whereas the proxy server is that the one that’s connected to proper web site destination. What you see is cached version of the positioning that the proxy server offers to you.

Proxysite or Proxery is the site that you can try, but if you are looking for more options then do check out Newproxysite.

3. Use a VPN Service

A Virtual personal Network or VPN may be a remote server that provides you personal access through a public network. VPN makes it’s as if you’re browsing from the country wherever the server is found, thereby concealing your real identity.

3You can find several VPN service suppliers you’ll use; some services offer free, others need a subscription. Hola is one of the favorite free VPN service. It permits you to browse confidentially and while not censorship, and it’s a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox users.
There are many nice paid VPN services that you just can use. Try to find the simplest of them out of this list.

4. Use TOR Browser

4Tor could be a browser that permits you to browse anonymously, forestall your browsing habits or your location from being tracked, guaranteeing privacy. Due to volunteers from round the world that make this distributed network of relays, you’ll browse in the protection of Tor.
To make use of it, initial you would like to transfer the Tor Browser; install it sort of a usual application. Open the application, then click connect with begin your reference to the Tor network.

5. Using Public DNS of ISPs

There are internet Service suppliers (ISP) who use their own DNS to Block access to some websites. To open the block you’ll bypass the restriction from ISP using Google Public DNS.
When you use the DNS configuration of your network, modification your DNS to the subsequent Google Public DNS IP addresses as your primary or secondary DNS server.

6. Using Google Translate

Now open Google Translate that permits you to translate web site content from one language to a different. However you would possibly not apprehend is that if you enter the address of a blocked website into Google Translate, then click on the address link on the proper aspect, the blocked website are accessible within the translated language you selected.

5Now Click to View option: Original to go back to the version with the first pre-translated language.

Here you’ll do the trick by getting into address of blocked website on the Google Translate, then click the address link on right aspect and let it show the magic. The blocked website can opened with translation language. Then you’ll click view: Original to retain the first language.

7. Setting Your Browser’s Proxy Manually

Now you have to manually set your browser’s proxy, you would like to 1st get operating public proxies. Notice one in Hidemyass. There are several listed there, from countries round the world, together with the speed, sort and anonymity level. Grab one information processing address and therefore the port, then:

For Firefox:

Go to Preference > Advanced and choose tab Network. Under Connection click Settings, then choose Manual Proxy Configurations.

Here, you enter the HTTP Proxy obtained from Hidemyass, followed by the port number, and click OK.


For Chrome:

If you want to set the proxy for Chrome only, you can use Proxy Helper.


8. Edit Hosts Files to Bypass Website’s IP Address


Now on the eight steps you can use edit hosts files to bypass website’s IP address service from Pentest Tools to urge the information processing address for a blocked website’s domain and subdomain. Simply insert the name and check ‘Include subdomain details’ and click on begin, then wait whereas the tool will do the task for you.

When it is done, copy the IP address and domain/subdomain.

If you are using Mac, on Terminal, type


Now Scroll right down to the opened hosts file and paste the informatics address right there. Press management + X then Y to save lots of the file.

9. Use SSH Tunnels

Now its final step where you must have an SSH account. Open Terminal and if you are using Windows you can use Putty instead and run following command to login:

1ssh -D 12345 user@host.domain

This command is necessary as it will run the SOCKS server on port 12345. You will be asked for a username and password. Then you have to login, just minimize the terminal, don’t close it.


Next, open your Firefox browser and go to Preferences > Advanced > Network > Settings. Check on Manual Proxy Configurations, enter on SOCKS Hosts and insert the Port number you picked when you created the SSH tunnel. Click OK to save your new settings. Afterwards, open a blank tab and type ‘about:config’, then set true for the following statement:


Now you can browse with Firefox using your tunnel.



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