How to Get Your Email Address with Extension

Gmail is ad-supported, free to use email service developed by Google. It allows users to access their personal emails. It acts as a secure webmail service and users can access their emails through IMAP4 or POP3 protocols. Initially, Gmail was started as beta release on April 2004. It was opened just for invitation. Later on February 2007, it became announced for public.

Soon, it was improved with more space and features. It became one of the leading email giants ever. Several webmail services have just one authentication system in order to identify forged emails and verify senders.  Gmail uses different authentication systems, such as Domain Keys, Sender Policy Framework (SPF), and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM).

Getting Email with Extension

Getting Email with Extension

Basically, every user gets two different email addresses while creating Gmail account – one is “” and another is “”. So, there is no magic trick to get emails with This way, when you get an email to “” address, it means it will be delivered also to “”.

Keep Spam at Bay with Extension

With the help of this trick, you can get a strong move against spam and all the promotional emails which may distract you. All you need to give your close friends or important contacts with your address. For newsletters, updates, promotional emails and others, use your address.

And you have to make a filter in your account so it can label all the important emails and you will never miss any. With this trick, you can get several emails in a day while getting the important ones on priority.

You can create custom filters so that all the emails will be separated automatically and you can easily find what you want.

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