How to Install Pokemon Go in India on an iPhone

Pokemon Go is currently the most popular app title in both iTunes App Store and Google Play Store right now. Right after the release, it hasn’t even been a quarter of a year yet and people are going crazy over this game. The developer Niantic hasn’t made the game available in all the regions around the world now, but few developed countries are included and people of all ages are seen playing Pokemon Go outside of their home – it’s probably the very first highly popular mobile game that can’t really make you fat, but slimmer and healthier. To play Pokemon Go, people actually has to go outside, seek Pokemons and catch them all!

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Details about Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is available for free on iOS and Android platforms. However, although the download is free, there are in-app purchases for Pokecoins and other stuff. Niantic is the developer of Pokemon Go for Android and iOS platforms. During the earlier weeks of July 2016, Pokemon Go was made available in many countries. Players can roam freely around their own neighborhood or far, and seek Pokemons on the map. Once they appear on the map, they can catch them in augmented reality – the Pokemon appears on real objects. Augmentation of the Pokemon and the real world environment is done by using the smartphone’s camera, GPS and internet connection and the technology is popularly known as augmented reality. The developers have active considerations for a wearable Pokemon Go gaming accessory named Pokemon Go Plus, which would incorporate some serious levels of gameplay for the die hard fans of Pokemon anime series.

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Although highly popular, yet Pokemon Go has received mixed reviews across the world. Major road accidents have been caused by the app as people almost lost their minds while being on Pokemon quest, and many law enforcement agencies across the world has already banned playing Pokemon Go in certain public places to avoid accidents. By July 22nd, according to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store statistics, the Pokemon Go app was downloaded more than 40 million times.

Install Pokemon Go on iOS

If you are a resident of India, then chances are you won’t find Pokemon Go app in the iOS App Store. Niantic hasn’t made Pokemon Go available in the Indian region yet. In fact, the South-East Asian region is still out of Niantic servers for hosting Pokemon Go. However, that doesn’t mean people with Indian iPhone users are out of luck. With few simple tricks and tweaks, every iPhone user in the Indian region can get a hold of the Pokemon Go app. However, since the servers are not yet set up for India, people would most likely have difficulties finding Pokemons in their neighborhoods.

This is how you can download the Pokemon Go app, even in a non-supported region.

  • To download the Pokemon Go app in India, you have to make your iPhone believe the iPhone is in USA. To do so, simply logging into your iPhone with a USA iOS account would do the trick.
  • If your iTunes account is opened with location set to India, you might have to open a new Apple ID instead of using your old one. Make a decision whether you can live with a new Apple ID only for Pokemon Go.
  • However, open iOS App Store. In the bottom section of this app, there should be a button titled ‘Apple ID’. Tap on it and then tap on Sign Out.
  • Your iPhone should now log out of the Apple ID you had been using on the App Store.
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Afterwards, you have to change the region on your iPhone. Do the following –

  • Open the Settings app from your home screen. Tap on General button which should be close to the top section, and scroll down to Language & Region. Tap on Region inside this section.
  • Apparently, India is currently selected. Scroll down to USA and tap on it to check the option.
  • Now your region is set to the United States.

Here comes the new Apple account creation part via App Store –

  • Open App Store again. Find Pokemon Go listing using the search option. Since you are now located at USA region on your iPhone, the Install button should be active.
  • Tap on Install and App Store will prompt for creating an account soon.
  • Tap ‘Create new Apple ID’. When your location is asked, tap on United States if it is not selected already.
  • Fill up the other forms with your user data. Preferably, provide someone’s address you know; however ask them for permission before you do so.
  • When App Store asks you to fill up billing information, tap on None. App Store will send you an email for email verification.
  • You could do the verification using Mail app.
  • After creation of the account, launch App Store again and proceed with the Pokemon Go app.

How to Play Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go isn’t like the typical other smartphone games, in fact it’s the very first widely popular augmented reality game. We assume you have downloaded the game already, here’s how you can play the game –

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Pokemon Go

  • Go Outside: You can’t play Pokemon Go sitting at home. You can catch your first Pokemon at wherever you are, but to catch the next ones you must be on the streets, shopping malls, fields, the neighborhood around – long story short, you have to be outside. Being indoors won’t really get a Pokemon trainer to Pokestops or Pokegyms.
  • Don’t get run over, or don’t run over people: Although there’s no alternate to going outside for playing Pokemon Go, you shouldn’t be playing the games on the roads. Indian streets are highly risky and if you play while driving, you would kill people. If you play on the roads without watching, you could easily get run over.

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  • You need mobile data: Unless you live in a ranch with Wi-Fi coverage in acres of land (technology unsound and almost impossible), you need to have mobile data packs subscribed on your cellphone number. If you don’t activate mobile internet and location services on your iPhone, you can’t play Pokemon Go.
  • Get a Power Bank: Pokemon Go app drains a lot of battery juice. You might need a power bank to keep up through the day after an intensive session of Pokemon Go.
  • Stay Safe: Few cases of miscreants using Pokemon Go to rob people have happened, stay safe while you’re at playing Pokemon Go in your expensive smartphone.


If you have followed through, you already know how to play Pokemon Go now. There should be more servers and a much better glitch-free app on the App Store pretty soon, be little patient for that.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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