How to Make a Delicious Fruitcake this Christmas?

Also known as fruit loaf, a fruit cake is easy to make. This Christmas cake can be used as a light dessert. You can store it over time or serve the same day. Making this cake is just like baking pound cake with dried raisins and mixed fruits. It is rich in taste and moist with mixed taste that gives pleasing aroma. Here is a versatile recipe which gives you the choice to frost or garnish fruits and nuts.

Christmas Fruit Cake


  • Butter – ½ cup
  • Self-rising flour – 2 cups
  • Egg – 1
  • Milk – ¼ cup
  • Mixed fruit – 300 gm
  • Brown sugar – ½ cup
  • Mixed spice – 1 tsp

How to Make Christmas Fruit Cake?

  • Fill a large bowl with the flour with some chopped butter pieces. Rub the flour and butter together with thumbs and fingers and bring your fingertips together. Continue rubbing until it turns into a breadcrumb.
  • Preheat the microwave oven to 350oF
  • Mix it with egg, milk, mixed fruit, sugar and mixed spice until it turns a soft dropping consistency
  • Get a spring form pan of 7” ready, especially with a removable base. Spray the bottom and sides of the pan lightly with some cooking oil. Add a parchment paper over the oiled base and pour the batter in it. Design the topmost part of the batter with mixed fruit.
  • Bake the cake for around 1 hr. 30 minutes or until the skewer comes out from the cake with some moist crumbs
  • After baking, remove the cake from oven and keep it aside to get cooled for 30 minutes in the pan before getting served.

To add a festive touch to your cake, you need to soak the fruits in brandy for around 24 hours to make Christmas fruit cake. This way, you have to cut the amount of milk by half for this variation. When the cake is cooled enough, it’s time to add icing to the cake and brush it with a small layer of apricot so the marzipan sticks over the cake.

In order to store the fruit cake, wrap it in greaseproof paper to store in fridge for long term. You can keep it in a plastic platter for short term storage at room temperature.

Decorating Christmas cake for Kids

You can get your little ones involved in decorating the cake and having fun while preparing food during the Christmas season. You can easily allow your kids bake their own Christmas cake or start with a cake which is already baked.

You can ask them to mold small characters like reindeer, Santa Claus and snowmen on a plain frosted sheet cake. They can place the characters on top and create a typical Christmas scene.

Or you can give cookie cutters to your children to roll out fondant and cut various shapes like stars, gingerbread men and candy canes. They can easily paint the shapes with coloring and decorate the cake by using them. Let them dry for a while and add them to the cake.

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