How to Make Christmas Tree with Ice-Cream Cones for Decoration?

Every member of the family can enjoy making a Christmas Tree from ice cream cones to decorate a cake. So, let your children decorate their own Christmas trees. Add some style to your creation. The sugar cones can create a strong base for Christmas tree which they can enjoy as a treat.

How to Make Christmas Tree?

Christmas Tree

If you want to enjoy with your little ones and make something special with cookies, make some edible trees. Assign each child with a paper plate, a waffle cone, few drops of green food colors, bowl of icing, different types of small candies and a plastic knife or spatula to smooth icing on cone on their own covered space where they can decorate their own Christmas tree. Let your kids stir the coloring on the icing and see how it turns green. Ask them to turn their cones upside down on plate.

Then ask them to add green frosting to cover their cones. Then they can decorate their trees with red licorice ropes, sprinkles, small candies and some small M&Ms. Cut the star shape out and flatten a gum drop for the top of all trees to finish the ready-to-eat trees. Top a cake with trees and set them over the edges of cake display to add an extra touch this Christmas.

Create Some Forest on a Cake

You can use some pointed sugar cones, pretzel rods, green icing and featherweight designer bags and a coupler. In the inverted sugar cone, pipe the royal icing and press the pretzel rod on the icing in the center of open end of the cone to make a tree trunk. Let them to set it for an hour. Make sure not to break the pretzel rod off. Start at the cone base and pipe a row of Christmas tree leaves through tip 75. Keep piping the rows until you finish the tree. Arrange various trees on a cake to make a Christmas forest. Add a few animal decorations on the forest to make a typical Christmas scene.

Fulfill Their Gingerbread Fantasy

If you are thinking to create gingerbread house this Christmas, you can include some cones used to make Christmas trees with some cake decoration tools. They are completely edible and easy to make. On the Christmas table, you can make a scene with gingerbread house at the center covered by cone trees. Use rolled white fondant or white icing to create a winter scene and make snow-capped trees.

Add Some Fun in the Party

If you want to add something different in the Christmas get-together, ask your guests to make their personalized party favors. Put shredded cereal in the plastic bag before the party and crush it into small pieces which can look like pine needles. Fill the bowl with crushed cereal and add green coloring and blend.  Set everyone with a work area and give a pointed sugar cone and graham cracker square. Attach the cone to the cracker square through icing. Spread green icing around their cone to cover it. Ask them roll the cone in wheat cereal. Design them with colorful candies.

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